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[Wellness] BottomSlim - Downsize my Lower Part

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Welcome back to my little space again. I am so much happy to seeing you all here, ahahhahaa.

Other than having a good glowing skin, the other main concern definitely to have a ideal lower body shape. I know many girls including ME hope to have the ideal tummy, hip and thighs; wishing to have a perfect figure. As for me....what I wish for is to have a pair of sexy slim legs like SNSD maybe? Hah! Just joking but at least is perfect balance for my body shape.

As many of you might know, although I don't think I am fat but I born to be a chubby bloat person. I still remembered last time having a great tea time with the famous Hong Kong's stylish, Christie Simpson; she told me that my body shape was hourglass body shape but if my bottom could be slimmer then should be perfect.

So other than balance diet and exercising, I also visit to BottomSlim, the pioneer in lower body slimming in Singapore, where located at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka to firm up my bottom because I WANT MY BOTTOM SLIM. I'm sure many of you also face having a heavier bottom due to our lifestyle habit nowadays, like long hours sitting in front of computer. And I have stretch marks as well due to my slim down history.

BottomSlim is the pioneer in 'Lower Body Slimming' center that specialist for all lower body problems like tummy, hip and thighs. Other than that, BottomSlim is quite famous in Singapore and now they have their first new branch in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka, Malaysia who also the main sponsor of Star Award 2013 and 2014.

My main lower body concern is mainly on thighs because I have a pair of elephant size of thighs. No joke! I always have to choose bigger size of bottom because of the thighs area sometime makes me feel uncomfortable when wearing it. So, I went to consult BottomSlim's specialist, Emily and told her I wanted concerns to thighs and stomach area.

She analyzed my body condition and claimed that my lower body had water retention problems and less muscle. That's means my lower part is easy target to ideal shape with suitable types of exercising or by treatment. Since I not only want my thighs slimmer but also want them firmer and helps to reduce the stretch marks, I am hands up for treatment and I'm glad BottomSlim, the pionerr in lower body slimming, can helps me to solve this problem. Not shoutout, okay?! It's fact! Lol

After consult and analysis, Emily chooses the best treatments that work best for me. Because I have stretch marks so Emily told me that she want helps me to makes them go away! *clap clap  My hope was all on her, ahahahha. However, result of course has to maintain; please do not expect everything can be achieved with only one try yea, darling. Although is not perfectly gone but at least become lesser.

So here's the treatments I did :-
• BottomTrim
• Slender Lite Therapy + Fat Burner Mask Treatment
• 3D Lipo Fat Loss Treatment

BottomTrim helps to break down the stubborn fat cells in my thighs to make burning them easier. Besides that, it also helps with water retention and reduction in stretch marks and cellulite appearance, at the same time helping in lymphatic drainage (for detox purpose). This treatment felt a little painful but Emily was very caring and told me always warning her if I felt pain throughout the treatment. This treatment took approximately about 20 minutes to done. (10 mins on each side)

As for the second treatment, Slender Lite Theraphy + Fat Burner Mask Treatment. I could say this treatment is so minty (because of the gel mask) and comfortable. I slept all the way till this treatment end, haha. This treatment is using infra-red light therapy to breaks down the cellulite and tones the muscles. This second step lasted for approx 15 minutes.

The last treatment, 3D Lipo Fat Loss Treatment is one of their latest technologies where helps effectively break down crush and melt stubborn and excess formed fats while also helps to firm up. This treatment was spread by cold gel and taped some alien-invasion looking machine to my tummy and thighs and left it there for thirty minutes.

BottomTrim Treatment for back thight (break down the stubborn fat cells in my thighs)

Slender Lite Therapy + Fat Burner Mask Treatment (calming and burn away fats in my thighs)

3D Lipo Fat Loss Treatment (break down crush and melt stubborn & firming my thighs)

The whole treatment process roughly took about 45 mins. It's really comfortable during the treatment especially the mask (2nd step treatment) because it's so minty and cool. Love it! And the gel is also made by natural ingredient too. Not forgot to mention, BottomTrim Treatment can considered as painful but bearable because it breaks down the stubborn fats and help in lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. The more fats to break down, the more pain will be but it's still mild enough.

As for result, I am happy with it because my thigh is firmer and slight slimmer. Even with a first time experience, it's definitely firmer (like, less ripply), appeared trimmer and the skin was tighter. After treatment, is best to drinks as lots of water as possible mainly to detox thru excretion.

I can see there’s a slight different when wearing my bottomwear especially shorts. My thigh can be differentiating which looks firmer and the shape is better than before. Although I’m just have one session with Bottomslim (more to go soon) but the result can be seen in front of mirror.

Here’s the comparison picture of before and after.
My thighs were appeared trimmer and tighter especially when wearing shorts.

BottomSlim also giving me two slimming and contour gels, Nano Firm Gel (day use) and Nano X Plus Gel (night use) for me to apply at home for best result.

Nano Firm Gel for day use while Nano X Plus Gel for night use to apply at home. This both gel is so good; minty yet made by botanical ingredients too.

because I know you need this as well like I do*big hug*

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To know more about BottomSlim, please visit:
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  1. finally there is something in Melaka!! All these while everything treatments are all in KL and for a person living in Melaka like me, I cant really enjoy it. Heyy babe, your thighs really does look slimmer and prettier than before the treatment :D i guess it really works!

  2. Great results! Loved your blog too, was well written and presented.

  3. The before and after pictures are saying alot. And the after treatment gels seems helping... cheers.