Sunday, July 6, 2014

[MakeUp] Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner

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I'm back with beauty review. Think have no need to intro the recent super high-raved new eyeliner from Benefit. Yes! I am talking and do a quick review about this eyeliner, Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner.

Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner is the newest addition to the 'They're Real' family range and they're also introducing a luscious makeup remover specially for They're Real Push-up Liner called They're Real Remover.

Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner is about a re-designing eyeliner as a gel-formula pen with a soft rubbery-slanted tip that is flexible and super-bendy. The color is very jet deep black in color where you can easy to create blackest eyeliner with only one sweep.

Beside that, this eyeliner is fantastic for creating many different shapes of eyeliner for pro-use or dummy because it can create to control the thickness you desire. Not only that, the soft rubbery-slanted tip also helps to create many shapes easily; while can be pressed into lash line without hurting your eyes. It's also really easy for anyone to use as it bends and flexes with the contours of your eyes.

Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner

What I personally like is that is a combination of a gel liner in a pen type. It's makes even more convenient and travel friendly. I knew this is not a fresh things in market but the another reason I love this eyeliner is the formula of waterproof, smudge-off, won't flake off, oil-proof and non-transfer. Besides that, the color is matte black yet the color can be archive with just only one sweep. How awesome performance of a gel liner!

Not forgot to mention, another love from this eyeliner is the super soft angled rubbery-slanted tip which is flexible and allow to get really close to the lashline with maximum control as well as creating prefect flicks yet it's not hurt the eyes at all! It becomes very easy to creates many kinds of shape of eyeliner like graphic winged liner, double winged liner, perfectly angle liner and more (will try to make a eyeliner tutorial on my upcoming blogspot if possible (∩_∩)). It's even blend-able; just have to be fast blend with cotton bud or brush right after apply before the eyeliner has set. The outcome result will be softly blended liner if you're prefer a natural soft liner look.

The uniquest part about Tar Liner is a twistable gel-liner pen by twisting the base to pump the liner to the nib which amount can be control easily yet delivering a usable quantity of product. Besides that, the lid is screw top which is also great to prevent the liner from dying out.

Like just what I mentioned just now, Benefit also introduced They're Real Remover which they claimed to specify for They're Real Push-up Liner and also other liner because the eyeliner is very pigmented therefore it created to make consumer not only easy to apply when using the eyeliner but also easy to remove by using the family range of remover as well.

From my personal experience, this remover is surprisingly good. I am fall in love with this remover because the texture is in gel consistency and easy to remove with just lightly massaging technique which don't hurt our skin and completely remove all makeup on face. This remover is really good on high water-proofing makeup as well (eyes and lips area). The packaging is chic as well. Major love!


• twistable gel formula pen liner
• soft rubbery-slanted tip
• waterproof, smudge-off, won't flake off, oil-proof and non-transfer
• easy to creates many kinds of shape of eyeliner

Matte Black


MYR 100 / 14g

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Where to buy?
Sephora & Benefit Retail Stores
(*available at 27th of June 2014*)

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