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[Gadget] 24k Golden Pulse Beauty Bar

Minasan, kon'nichiwa❤

On my last post about my nose filler enhancement post (click here to read), I'm promised to share with you guys how to slim down my face naturally. Yes! Today I'm back to share with you one of my my current favorite beauty tool that can't leave without daily which like what the topic wrote, 24k Golden Pulse Beauty Bar.

Everyone hope to have a slimmer and sharper face, just same to me as well. Because I am born to be chubby, I always find a thousand way to archive slimmer and sharper face because my face damn round man! No joke! I hate my face why so round! It's looks like a ball in front of camera unless is selfie or someone who knows my angle best.

Other than diet to archive my goal, finally I decide to give myself a try on 24k Golden Pulse Beauty Bar aka Face Vibration Massager that was high-raved by many celebrities and medias. For your information, 24k Golden Bar Beauty Bar is not a new things in market. I already heard how awesome is this tool when I was small. No jokes! I saw how celebrities amazed with this tool when I was small. Yet I'm turning 21 soon, finally I got myself this product for a try and I absolutely love it.

There's many benefit that I can't resist because all of the benefits are I exactly what I want; slimmer, sharper and younger face skin. *thumb up

• instantly tightens and lifts skin
• increase blood circulation
• restores skin radiance, firmness & elasticity
• helping deep penetration of skincare to into skin
• decrease fine lines, wrinkle and dark circle
• contours face
• drain water retention

24k Golden Pulse Beauty Bar is a vibration machine of the gold plate that gives enriching assumed to be living alive to the skin. With 6000 times ion micro-vibrations per minute, makes the skin needed nutrition can quickly into the skin, stimulates the growth of skin cells and improve skins brightness, firmness and elasticity giving you glowing, youthful and radiant skin. It also can increase your skin care product up to 70% more effectively.

The 'T' head design can easily touch the face each detailed part to target drooping jaw lines, sloped/tired eyes, puffy eyes, crow's feet, frown lines and those pesky neck lines for better enhancement and result.

With a minimum 3 minutes a day or more by using 45℃ lifting upward motion, you can see instant lifting effect everyday. It's logical because means you massaging your face everyday but with 6000 times ion micro-vibrations per minute for a best result comparing how many freaking time if you did it manually, lol XD

Directions of using: 45℃ lifting upward motion and bringing down to neck

Honestly, I am fall in love with this product. I used this two times daily; day and evening. For day, I used this right after I apply my skincare and before makeup to eliminate my puffiness wake up face while also want to lifting my face. It's makes a huge different after using this product man! My face definitely shows firmer and sharper yet looks more dewy after using this bar.

It also minimizing my makeup base usage; before is a peny size and now even reduce into three quarters.  My face definitely looks more radiant and dewy although after makeup. Even people starts asking me did I change Korean base makeup style, ahahhaha. No, my dear! All thanks to skincare and this awesome bar.

As for evening, I use this bar after bath; right after skincare. The reason why I use this again because again I want to deep penetrating my skincare into epidermis to maintain my youthful skin. It's damn sad when I went to tested my skin last month, the result is just average. The point I can't accept is before my skin is damn good and now is just average. Can you imagine how bad lifestyle I have and the less attention paying on my skin?!  Then I was like start taking proper care my skin and use the right steps to my skin carefully and patiently (at least I won't skip skincare anymore, ahhaha) since I can't change my lifestyle.

Let's me tell you, within a week, my skin definitely has slight visible improvement which are fairer, smoother, glow and skin-tone more even. No jokes! I never expected how much important of taking care of skin. This bar really helpings me lots! I can't even how to express how good is it to my skin. Not overstating! Just because I am really happy with the result. Of course! Besides than this tool, skincare and steps is also important as well. (will shares with you guys soonest) *thumb up

This beauty bar is small (just like a pen) therefore it is convenient and travel-friendly. It just using AA size of battery and it can last very long. So far, one battery still using until now.

Special reminder: This bar has to use 45℃ lifting upward motion then bringing downward till the neck. Please do not use downward motion because you don't hope to have a sagging face right?

My skin condition after a week of usage. 
Makeup more docile, skim smoother and fairer.
(No filter, no beauty camera mode, NOTHING! *shot using normal mode)


• instantly tightens and lifts skin
• increase blood circulation
• restores skin radiance, firmness & elasticity
• helping deep penetration of skincare to into skin
• decrease fine lines, wrinkle and dark circle
• contours face
• drain water retention


Made in:


Body: Long 140mm X  Width16mm
'T' head: Long 35mm X Width 6mm

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Instagram: @lemoreclothes

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No worry! They won't bite. (∩_∩)

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