Monday, July 21, 2014

[How to] Eyeliner Styles 101

Hello chiga ~

This month I haven't properly written a diary entry on the site either. It's such a quite busy aka lazy month yet I am tired due to my enhancement's did (will reveal and share at here as soon as possible) while also had many pre-birthday celebration. Happy girl smiling and laughing all day long and becomes a good girl sleeping quite early everyday. Hehe... O(∩_∩)O~

Anyway, besides than writing review, I always find my best to do some inspirational or sharing post to letting my reader (is you guys❤) to get more information while also been inspired by me (I'm really hope so!). And I also found out that quite a large number of you guys hope me could share more about lifestyle too. Thank you for the emails or pm(s) where made me felt so much loves. I will keep trying to explore more about my life. (⊙v⊙)

Like the title written, today is all about ‘Eyeliner Styles 101'. Basically eyeliner makes a quite important rules in makeup. Imagine a model without eyeliner is just like maggi without msg I suppose. Right? Hahaha.... Eyeliner is one of basic essential beauty item that almost every lady would have on makeup collection. Eyeliner is the tool that makes you could have the magical-like to enhance your souls of window. All I could say, an eyeliner can change your personality as well.

Different styles of eyeliner puts you into different types of character. Like natural look goes with a thin clean eyeliner while dramatic look goes with thick bold winged eyeliner. It is fun with exploring with many kinds of eyeliner styles look by matching yourself into the occasion's theme of the day.

I have create few styles of eyeliner look by using Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner (click HERE to read my review) because this product has a great pigmentation while the texture is smooth to create a line. So here are some looks I did.

So which is your favorite preference? And do tell me which types of eyeliner looks that you want me to create so I can do the second version of eyeliner styles 101. Frankly speaking, I am really having fun playing with many different eyeliner looks. 

If you're interest to know more about Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner I'd used to create these eyeliner looks. You may head over to :


That's all for today. Hope you guys like it.

Viola! Muacks ╭(╯3╰)╮



  1. runway and drama is my favourite! but i never tried it yet, hehe

  2. I love the Pinned up & away look!

  3. me likey! i like the pin up the best!

  4. eyeliner is a product applied above the eyelashes and if applied with eyelashes it gives you extra beauty literally