Friday, July 11, 2014

[Tutorial] Everyday Natural Makeup

Bello bello annyeonghaseyo ~

I'm back to another pictorial here. But first, would like to give a huge credit to my hubby photographer who helps me to shoot all these nice picture. He always did a great job and knows my face angle the best. Beside that, of coz! I know I am become prettier, lol. *just kidding

Anyway, thanks so much for coming back to M'sia just to celebrated my birthday in advance and helping me to submit all my overload picture draft post. Without you, my life just like a mess and felt so damn bored facing in front of camera alone like an idiot, hahaha. Thank you for your precious gold time for me because you probably just shoot for those big famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga & etc.... in your life. Hope your career grow big and bigger in future and don't forget to invite me to New York to stay with you arr, lololololol.

And not forgot to thanks you guys for listening me talking nonsense. Haha! You guys are always my motivation and keep building my fire of passion. Again, thank you so much treating me like your friend. I have no idea how to express my feeling to you guys. Maybe a kiss *muacks & I'll always try keep on hosting giveaway in future. (tons of gifts are waiting for you but just I don't have time to share, sorry >,< )

I always knew that I bla too much!

So, wanna to share with you guys my everyday makeup. It's is a simple and natural eye look while the skin base is dewy and healthy radiance skin. If you love Korean-ish makeup base but don't want to applying too much product on face, then this might suits you. This makeup look is suits for any occasions and perfect in showing your healthy skin.

Without future ado, will like to show you my 'Everyday Natural Makeup' look.

How do you feel about this look?
Hope this look would inspired you in your daily makeup.
Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment
so I can feel the love and improve more in future post.

Have a great day ahead everyone. 



  1. That is such a cute makeup look. Quite easy as an everyday look. Loving it!!. I really enjoy using Benefit's products, too, and I am very curious about that Laneige Water Drops tint ^__^

  2. Thanks babe for the comment. This makeup look probably only takes few minutes to done. Benefits always came out with many awesome formula that both of us cant resist. And for the Laneige Water Drop Tint is super good, personally am really recommend because it has a nice color payout and the most important is stay longer and not drying at all. I did a review on the product as well. You can search and read it if you want. :D

  3. nice wo! recommend girls reading :)

  4. Hi ! May I know the brand of your contact lens? so nice !

    1. I bought it from Japan and I forgot the brand name. Sorry dear