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[How To] Editing, Software & Blog Surfs Faster

Annyeong annyeong haseyo~ ❤❤❤

I feel like have a long long time ago have no update my little space here. Currently I am more active in my social medias because have no time to heat up my chair and do a proper blog. What a playful and hectic interesting life I had. :) Ahahaha.... Anyway, be my friend on my Facebook, Instagram & Twitter if you wish to. Am super glad to have a friend like you guys as always. O(∩_∩)O~~

Not going to talk beauty today but am going to share with you guys my blog hacks. I know some of you have waiting for this post for so long (surprisingly this topic was also one of highly request post). Really sorry for makes you guys waiting and for those who might not interest with it, still feel free to continue reading it yea. (^▽^)

Of course besides than having a high resolution quality photo picture, editing actually does an important rule as well. I couldn't agree when someone make a 'meh' face when "editing" topic has talked like giving me a message on how they disdain the word of "editing".

I still remember when I scrolled Yutaki's Instagram and showed to my friend how well and beautiful of the pictures Yutaki has apply.

Then my friend said, "Cheh! He is editing too much."

And I cannot be agree with my friend's statement then I replied, "Tell me does this picture attracts you? And tell me again which would you pick when a picture of dull with wrong composition or a picture with nice lighting and composition? What does a purpose of a picture? Their's purpose is to catch people eyes. What is the point if you have a nice picture but couldn't catch people eye? That's explain why advertisement or magazine spend how many freaking thousands to get a perfect picture. Of course! Not including over mixing/editing de picture."

Paishe! I might get kinda flurry ahahahaa.... You agree or not?

Editing actually forms into many categories as well; such as effect, shaping and sticker. I bet everyone at least have a touch of effect (no matter heavy or light) on their pictures like brightening, lomo or maybe highlight & contract. Personally 'the must' editing in my picture is highlight & contrast. You can tell a big big different telling/giving the message to everyone by just using these method because everything is about light and shadow. Of coz! Not making them turns into fake!

As for effect, actually I am not really a fans unless if a lomo effect that can enhances more of the pictures. Somehow, nowadays camera is cheating as well likes flawless skin, brighter skin and wide angle. Like example, my lovely Casio TR100. I bet have no need to introduces how goddess of this camera. Personally, I love it because the flexibility 360º wide angle plus how compact is it. No matter you believe or not, I have never use beauty mode to capture my any single picture because is too fake for me. I'm only using premium auto to done the job because this camera is fake too much especially with the new version of this camera, TR15 and above.
* Plus, I already have a good skin and proud with my skintone as well. Ahahahaha  #high-narcissism ~(*^▽^*)~

Let's me show you some example here.


Did you mouse over the two pictures above to see the different? As for the left side, I don't think need to explain much but for the right side, you might hard to notice because that picture is perfect enough so I am only apply maybe 3 or 5% of effect inside. Besides than that, did you notice another changes of after effect photo? Yup! Is my face. My face becomes smaller on after effect but believe me! I did not makes my face smaller by myself, is an phone app has auto smaller function whenever applying any effect on it. No worry! I will share it later on.

Another editing favorite of majority of girls will do including me is SHAPING. Let me be honest to tell you, I using shaping editing alot so please do not been fool by me here. In reality world, yet I don't think I am fat but I admit that am chubby bloat person. I'm not the type who is skinny or petite. Even after surgery I also can't archive it because I born to be chubby bloat. Even sometime am admired and imagine myself 'wanna-be' but I still love the way am I. #self-hypnotism

Shaping is best 'temporary-surgery'. It can helps to fulfill the dream of every girl dream's perfect figure. Agree or not? Since I am poor and kinda scare to surgery, then this is the best way to get the result I want although is only appear in online virtual world. But still better than never!

The most shapping I did in my photo is makes my face smaller. Yes, as I said I have a chubby face = round face. In better way, is call cute but in worst way is call fatty round! Omo! I really wish to have a sharper face more than a pair of double eyelid.

Let's me show you some example here.


I am super headache when camwhoring with blogger babes especially when they're beutiful/pretty/petite like hell!! I damn hate when they even know how to choose the right angle and stay behind you makes my face super big while they are super small. Hye!! Come on! No more next time yea, ahahaha ╮(╯▽╰)╭

From the left side is how I mostly shaping to makes my face smaller. I'm shaping on forehead and chin because I don't want a die sharp chin ; I am more to heart shape face. While on the right side, is how I edit my hand/body/leg. Although I'm editing myself, sometime I will help my babes to edit as well if they're have some imperfection and I am not asshole makes other fatter while editing myself.

I do not like stickers (so call stamps as well) because I think it just spoil my picture. I don't want my picture get messy sticking around with lots of sticker unless for some certain picture (still very very very very very less). I like how I perform my picture (especially in Instagram) clearly without other things.

But still like to show some example here.


What is your favorite software when comes to edit your picture? In this post, I want to make public all my favorite software would like to use in my phone and also laptop as well. Camwhoring is not a big deal while editing and choosing the right software is the deal! I am always spend triple times on software than chamworing non-stop. But I am enjoying with it although sometime I am freaking tired bulk pictures until I met a super duper convenient software (I will share it later yea). This is really saving my life ever man!

Apps that stay longest in my phone ever. (IOS Ver.)
• Squaready (
• Instapicframes (
• PicsArt (
• MeituPic (
• DecoAlbum (
• PhotoMirror (

• Squaready
This app is using when I want my remain my portrait/landscape size photo picure fits into square box to my Instagram (Instagram's picture size is in sqaure). Sometime is kinda hard to crop because wish to show the best composition to your friends.

• Instapicframes
This apps is for collage my pictures into one. Basically I like this app because can adjust the thickness border, corner and color although many apps also have these kind of functions. But since I downloaded this app quite a long time so that's explain why am still using it, lol.

• PicsArt 
I downloaded this app because of this app can overlay pictures, like example, using picture as border and place a portrait/landscape picture on top of it. I downloaded this app because of Yutaki because he influenced me wanna do the same thing as well.

• MeituPic
The app that I used and love the most. The reason I like this app because before application was created, Meitu already installed in my computer (computer ver.). This app has many features and recently this app has changed to English version (previously is chinese ver because this app is a China famous app). What I like the features is the effect can be adjust accordingly to your personal preferences. And there's a feature call 'Auto Retouch' under Retouch function category, it will helps you to makes you FACE AUTO SLIMMER with adjustable effect as well.

Edit Function

Retouch Function

• DecoAlbum
Very seldom to use this app because is a stamping app. The stickers inside is cute and adorable, that's explain why I still keep this app, maybe someday I will use it. :)

• PhotoMirror
This app I just download few weeks ago because mirror function is kinda fun to use as well. Hahahaa.... Nothing special, only mirror effects.

Software that I used to edit my blog picture (Window Ver.)
• Photoshop CS6 (
• Perfect Effects 8 (
• 美图秀秀批处理 (

• Photoshop CS6
The most perfect and usable software in my handy software. Is basically all in one. I don't think need to intro more becoz no matter the quality and effect payout is goddness only you to pay extra time to create yourself. The most editing I used the most are auto tone & contrast, liquify & actions. Because I am lazy girl, so basically I won't manually edit brightness & contrast, I will use auto function to helps me. If sometimes auto function seems go wrong then I will only edit manually. As for liquify, the most most most most most most 123456789xx function I used. I used this most to makes my face and body slimmer but not eyes because I think I have cute eyes liao, lolololol.... XD Then for actions function actually is depending, will used it in certain picture (mostly is night scene picture).
*PS* This software has to paid but you will never regret to own it. TRUST ME! ME GUARANTY!

• Perfect Effects 8
If you love effects but wanna a faster way and quality payout, then this software definitely is for you! The reason why I love this software because it doesn't lost the quality of a picture yet makes your picture even stand out more plus is a faster way to apply effect rather than manually adjust one by one in photoshop. I know quite a lot of you guys use 'Meitu Xiu Xiu' but the cons of the software is makes your picture even blur and blurrer. But still a good software as well because it's also very convenient and the best part is free. Yes! Which means Perfect Effects 8 has to paid for using. This is the cons but is good! I didn't manage to pay for it because I am lucky enough to get invite to try and use their software. Awesome! Major love!

• 美图秀秀批处理
In English translate, is call Meitu Xiu Xiu Batch; is under one of the software of Meitu Xiu Xiu. The different is editing in batch aka bulk. I am love love love this software and is really save up my time so well. What I did was throw all my pictures into it and resize, rename and change format from .jpeg to .png file with just few clicks then DONE. How's convenient is that. Really recommend to all specially you do blog as well, it can edit with adjustable effect, brightness & contrast, adding watermark (bet most of will like it), adding border & text in batches. This is super awesome! *super thumb up
However, this software is in Chinese Version so to who might interest but can't read Mandarin, sorry.... I can't help you.

Sorry for bubbly too much! Jeongmal Joesonghabnida~ But still hope you guys enjoying reading it because it still not the end yet, ahhahahaha~

A website is useless if load slowly like snail. I have never the patience of waiting for a website loading slow unless I am super duper keen to know the website. But tell me... how many website does really makes you desperate to surf although it is damn slow? Me? Maybe one or only two or so....

So, in this post I would like to make public one of my secret as well to persuade your reader to stay longer time in your space. Beside than building a quality reader also makes them feel happy whenever visit your page.

There's few reason why a website loading slow; which are templates problem, heavy widgets installation, slow connection (this one definitely can't blame, blame our government man!) and the last one... heavy files of pictures. Don't get it wrong, heavy pictures in a post doesn't effect a website loads slowly, only a big size of picture files will drag the time load longer and it eats up your storage space as well.

Since I can't help you to makes your template lighter (actually can but you have to hire me for your blog service or design, click 'here' if you're interest) so I want concentrate the topic of 
'How to Reduce Your Picture File Size WITHOUT Losing the Quality of Picture' 
Sounds cool? Keep reading, lol...

By the way, did everyone having the problem like me? (for only blogger user) Basically our picture file is set in .jpeg format. But for me... .jpeg format of picture will turns gray-ish when upload onto blogger. This is weird and I have no idea to solve it so I am using .png format for all my pictures in here. Did you having this problem as well? Should complain to blogger already.

Let me show you example here

As you can see, .jpeg format in my blog is more dull and darker (it's even more obvious when a picture has a big white background) while .png format is the accurate color of the picture. This is the reason why I change all my blog pictures into .png format.

If you're having problem like mine, then I suggest you change your picture format to all .png on your next post. And... THIS SOFTWARE IS FOR YOU!

Let's me explain more. .png format is great for picture with transparent background and the color vibrancy is good as well. The only problem is the size are bigger than .jpeg as well but just a slightly bigger only. Because I am really take attention on a web's load, therefore no matter how big is the file picture, I'm sure will reduce it. I keep on searching and searching likes freaking years ago to find a perfect software without reduce the quality of picture and yet... I really find one! Wuhoo!!

Online Software that I used to optimize my pictures in bulk
• TinyPNG - Compress PNG ( (for .png file only)
• Image Optimizer ( .jpeg file only)

TinyPNG - Compress PNG
Introducing to your guys a software that I found and use until now.. I am really happy with it and this explain why my post load even fast and faster even connection is bad.
*PS* This is only valid for .png file.

Really a big thumb up and recommend to all of you guys. It wont't reduce the quality of your picture but not to your size of picture.

And for those who still want to use their picture in .jpeg format... no worry... I still have a software to helps you guys although I stop using it but I believe this might helps you as well. *thumb up

• Image Optimizer
This is one of the software I used previously to optimize .jpeg picture. Personally, I am happy with this online software but the only troublesome is has to upload one by one BUT you can choose to download their software into you computer. No worry! It doesn't has any weird adv and the file actually is small. No harm to your computer. Plus if you download into your computer, things will make even much more easier because you can optimize your picture in bulk by right click and selecting your files to optimize. How's convenient is that. Since I have a long time no use this, so I can make guaranty either is this best or not. Do explore yourself. *thumb up *wink

Perhaps you might still no understand what the main purpose of optimize (reduce) the size of your picture. Let's me give you an example, the size of one high resolution quality photo picture is at least starting 2mb↑. I'm using DSLR to get my picture done, so normally is at least 5mb↑ depends on setting. Then imagine you have upload three pictures on your blog (2mb x 3 = 6mb) in one post. Imagine when you surf a website, the pictures has to take some time for loading and some even just gone blank if the connection is bad. That's why, other than resize your picture (original picture at least 2000px↑; reduce it into 1000px↑ because we don't need to provide big size of picture) then optimize your picture as well (example: from 2mb optimize to 400kb↓). It makes your website load faster without loading. This explain why we should take this step as well. Understand?

Well~ Thanks for reading my bubbly post. Like fianlly, I am done writing with this post. Hope this post might help you to get more info and knowledge although many things in here are kinda nonsense. If you any question to ask me, feel free to comment or email me, I am always ready to answer you. :D

Have a nice day everyone. Bye bye~



  1. Thanks for the tips ! it very useful!
    BTW, meitu is the "must" app :P

  2. Wow this is such a great post, it's so detailed and you've put so much work into it! You look very pretty in all the pictures btw and thanks for the tips :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  3. Hi Chency,
    Thank you for the share! I used MTXX too, the computer version is better than the phone version, it reduced my 3k+ width size photo to 900+ width only. But the comp ver is good. Never know it has the edit in bulk feature, really appreciate your post! <3

    Btw, I have all my photos in png format, so could not tell whether is it blogger problem.

    You're pretty Chency, if you did not tell you slimmer, sharper your face, I could not see the difference. Have to see very clearly even zoom in to notice. hahaha <3

  4. Love your post babes! super helpful :)

  5. Thanks for sharing!
    I have too many photo editing apps but I only use a few LOL guess I'm too loyal XD

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  9. thanks for sharing some really useful tips of yours =)

  10. Heyya Chency, I just got to read everything in this post today! I saw this when you first published it but was too busy to read thoroughly.

    I know why our pics are messed up when upload to Blogger. You have to do these steps:

    1) go to your Google+ account
    2) go to Settings
    3) Scroll down till you see Photos and Videos section
    4) Look for Auto Enhance section
    5) switch it OFF

    If you havent done this, then that is why your pics became ugly when uploaded to Blogger. So, change it asap ya! ^_^

  11. I compressed my picts with photoshop. Those are helpfull apps! Thank for sharing ^^