Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[Supplement] Yogood Glow Muesli Bars

Whatssupps my lovely~

Let's talk about something healthy yet yum yum plus contains beauty ingredient snack in here. I know it might sound lots and confusing but trust me, this yum yum is just perfect for diet and health. Because this snack is probably less than 100 calories per bar! Sound amazing right?!

Before that, would like to share with you guys a sad case here?! WTF!! I have gained weight start from Chinese New Year until now because this few months my hormone actually kinda depressed. Many things happened and I am released my stress thru eating. And I am freaking hating why my body type wasn't like the one who can eat anything without changing to much! Too much envy lar!!!!

Bad thing shouldn't be continue anymore. So, currently I am back to my diet plan. Yes!! Say sayonara to all yum yum although I am still active posting foodporn picture on my instagram, hahaha. I just started my diet plan few days ago and now I lost 1.2kg after struggling with foods (probably like world war man! wtf!!). Can you imagine hanging out aka yamcha with friends then watching bad friends eating without hesitating in front you?! Applause to my worst friend ever! Ahahaha.... LOL

So besides than maintain my food intake everyday (500 calories intake per day; like what I did during 'HCG Injection Treatment'), one of the way to solve my mouth itching problem is taking snacks that are less calories and burden. I am excited and happy when Yogood sent me their new muesli bar aka cereal bar to me. It is just perfect for me during this moment and the best thing is contains beauty ingredient call COLLAGEN inside this bar. Wuhoo!! I can eat freedomly yet building collagen too. It was like, 'Killing two birds with one stone'.

Oooopppssss!! I keep on talking without proper introduce what current snack favorite.
It is Yogood Glow Muesli Bars, a new series of product from Yogood.

Yogood Glow Muesli Bars has debuted two flavors, BlueberryPomegranateCranberryPeach. Yogood Glow Muesli Bars is a yogurt coated cereal bars with multigrain flakes and fruits (Blue & Pomegranate / Cranberry Peach) with less than 100 calories. Each bar is high in dietary fibre and contains an average of 1g of collagen inside.

As I mentioned just now, I really like the concept idea combination of healthy cereal bar with addition of beauty ingredient inside. Besides than dieting, it also helps to improve skin texture and looks younger. How awesome was that!! As always muesli bars is also consider as energy bar and breakfast/snack-on-the-go. This product was currently my breakfast-on-the-go.

As for the taste, both are yummylicious. I am more to blueberry and pomegranate flavor because both are my favorite fruits while my elder brother is more on cranberry and peach flavor. Is kinda surprising when my brother are fall in love with this muesli bar because he is never a fans of  yogurt and muesli bar.

Yogood Glow Muesli Bars contain 5 bars in one box. One thing has to be highlight is the collagen was extract from beef 4.5% palm fat. So, a gentle reminder here that this might not suits everyone to consume especially vegetarian consumer. Personally, I am good to go with it. Another reminder here, please do not store your muesli bars into refrigerator because it will turns quite hard to bite. (Lol... Yes! I tried before ahahahahaa). Room temperature is just perfect to consume.


• high in dietary fibre
• less than 100 calories per bar
• contains an average 1g of collagen
• yogurt coated with multigrain flakes and fruits

• Blueberry & Pomegranate
• Cranberry & Peach


MYR 13.00 / 125g (5x25g)
*5 bars in one box*

Made in:

Ingredients Highlight:
(contains beauty essences ingredients)
Mutligrain flakes, yoghurt powder from skimmed milk 10%, collagen peptides from beef 4.5% palm fat

Where to buy?
• Sogo
• Village Grocer
• Jaya Grocer
• Presto Mart
• Ampang Grocer
• Urban Fresh
• AEON Big (middle May)
• Giant & Cold Storage (June)
• AEON / Jusco (June)

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  1. yummy, tried it and love it :D


  2. thats interesting.. do you know if they have it in singapore?

  3. Hi littletinysun,

    Singapore should start selling the Glow cereal bars around July/August. We have other range of Yogood Muesli Bars (not the Glow series) which are available in NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage.

    xoxo, Pristine Cereals.