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[MakeUp] TheCandySkin Makeup

TheCandySkin Makeup

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Yay! Is beauty post again! My favorite segment ever! Today am going to talking about cosmetics❤ that I'd got from TheCandySkin which is a quite popular local brand. I believe some of you might know this brand because this brand had been high raved by many bloggers as well. Yet, I get to knew this brand from my blogger friends and absolute fell in love with the brand because their packaging just touch my heart!

Although I'm not a fans of sweet and pink stuff but I still can't resist their power combination from especially when overall design was matching well with them. As you can see, TheCandySkin main packaging color are pink, white and black. Very feminine, sweet and girly that I believe their target consumer would be more youngster.

Without future ado, today would like to review on their three popular products that I'd gotten from them few months ago,
• Gel Eyeliner in #Coffee
Chocolate Eyelashes in #802
Sweet Palette (Highlight, Contour & Blush Palette)

Always wanted a coffee color of eyeliner. Don't get confuse, chocolate brown and coffee color are different shade brown although they are under brown color categories. Chocolate brown color is more darker comparing with coffee color, so to people who prefer the most natural eyeliner look, coffee color is the right choice for you! Of coz! Please do not expect to have a really pop up look since coffee only helps to makes your eyes look less tired and slightly bigger bold. By the way, this color is great for creating Harajuku looks too.

Talking about the quality, for my personal experience, this gel eyeliner did a great job! The quality is good, smudge-proof and water-proof. It's not easy to fall / fade off when you're using eyelash curler (because everyone sure have this problem that eyeliner always fade off and have to redraw one more time again whenever using eyelash curler to curl eyelashes because the curler is near to the root). Well.... It's still need to fill the eyeliner again but at least the color come off is minimal. It's also easy to remove with remover.

The texture is smooth and easy to draw on. The biggest advantage of this gel eyeliner is the price only MYR 39.00. The price is really affordable (Well! I'd admit! Is CHEAP!) for a good quality yet comes with wide variety of color selection too.

As for the cons, hmmm.... let's seee....... Frankly speaking, I am really pleased with the payout of this gel eyeliner. The only cons is that I hope this gel eyeliner by TheCandySkin could be more longer lasting as I found this eyeliner starts fading off after 5 to 7 hours (*depends on condition too). Yet, I always hang out from day to night so will be great if this eyeliner could be persist whole day.

Gel Eyeliner by TheCandySkin

• Smude-proof & Water-proof
• Smooth texture & easy to apply
• color payoff is good

BlackInk, Chocolate, Construction, Coffee


MYR 39 / 3g

Made in:

A pair of natural brown color of eyelashes that suitable for everyday look yet looks not too harsh and archiving a natural bold bigger look. I like the pattern design of this falsie (cross zag with short front, long back pattern) that helps to makes eye longer and bigger. The design is kinda similar with DUP Maigawa Aiku Selection Eyelash in #914 and Amoyamo X Eyemazing No.813 Rose Chocolate (if you're falsie freak or Japenese flasie's fans). This falsie is transparent root and the length is not too long (sorry. I don't have exact diameter) so this falsie is not suitable for those who want dramatic style looks. Beside that, this falsie is soft and comfortable to wear.


• transparent root, natural length
• soft and comfortable to wear
• natural enlarge eye effect

MYR 6.00 / pair


Made in:

Sweet Palette by TheCandySkin is a highlight, contour and blush palette. This palette comes six colors; 1 highlight, 1 contour and 4 colors of blushes.

• Sunny Beige (Highlight) - a pale beige with soft hint of pink and golden shimmer-sheen. It gives skin a soft and warm glow where inspired by Chanel Pouder Signee.

• Mandarin Orange - an soft orange-apricot color with a matte finish, but it's matte without being chalky or powdery where inspired by Illmasque Lover.

• Pinch O Pink - a romantic and adorable pink in matte finish reveal your cheeks like a baby where inspired by Laduree #2

Beaver (Contour) - a brown, gray and red pigments to create the natural shadow and sun-kissed look where inspired by K.A Sculpting Powder.

Sweety - a cotton-candy purplish-pink with a just nice of shimmering effect where inspired by Nars Angelika.

Candy Rose - a matte bright pink between rose petal and magenta where inspired by Laduree #3

The color payout is not bad. Have to swatch at least two times to get payout of color. Of coz! Is also depends on the quality of brush too. I am using Urban Decay Blush Brush or Shu Eumura Kabuki Brush, the color payout can be archive within one time while the pink blush brush that I got from TheCandySkin has to blush on my cheeks at least two times to archive my desire color.

The texture of this palette is not chalky, soft and smooth. It's creates a nice shades of color on my skin. (Well! This is depending too! Everyone has different skin tone so you might have to play with yourself) I could say this palette is suitable for pale to olive skin tone for best archive look. It also looking great on dark skin but the colors might looks quite contrast on skin tone.


• 4 blush, 1 highlight & 1 contour
• soft, smooth and non-crackly texture
• medium of color payout

MYR 129.00


Made in:

To know more about their product, visit their:

Anyway, still remember I have posted my first pictorial, Sweet Brown Sakura Makeup Look [link here]. I have featured these products by TheCandySkin on that post to created this look. You can view my pictorial if you want to.

Frankly speaking, I have quite a long time did not doing a proper review. When I'm wiriting this post, I feel my passion is getting back to me. While my current feeling is quite down because of every dramas happened but no doubt! Should always believe hope and miracles always happen in every seconds, trust myself and do my own to get a better life.

My fingers start getting tired now. Should end my blog now. Will keep updating as much as possible. Bye guys!



  1. I really like the eyeliner colour! So hard to find that kind of brown for gel eyeliner. :) Too bad it doesn't last very long though. >_<

  2. Ehhhhhhhh.. The eyeliner cantik! T.T made me want to buy it jor

  3. CUTEST blog I've ever seen! I love your posts! Following you :D
    The palette is so cute, I imagine how looks I would create with it... thank for showing (:

  4. Laura, yes! I really love the color because this color is kinda hardly to find at outside.

    The price is cheap and the log lasting is not bad, you may try, perhaps it might long lasting on your eyes more than mine, hahahahaa....

  5. Just buy, fur! I support you!
    You will no regret, lol. :p

  6. Thanks Natalie, the palette is really cute. Looking forward to your creation. :)