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[MakeUp] Mary Kay Glossy Lip Stain

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Today I am going to review Mary Kay Glossy Lip Stain in Enchanted Mauve & Mulberry Forest colors. For your information, this two colors is limited edition from Mary Kay Fall 2013 Fairytales & Fantasy Collection. I know this collection 'might' stop manufacturing or maybe no but still would like to share my review about these product in my blog because everything has the right been features in my crappy blog. Thinking 2013 years like ages for you but better late than never, hehehehe.....

Without future ado, let's start!

Enchanted Mauve

Mulberry Forest

The packaging of this product is just gorgeous! It's elegant and some kind of mystery of design box, haha. As for the bottle design, it just like a normal lip gloss / cream but is taller and fatter (like a chubby cover pen design). The applicator brush is made by nylon. It is like a medium lip brush but is kinda stiff and hard to apply because of the material. I am more prefer doe foot applicator (sponge applicator lip gloss) as it is more easy to apply and pick-up amount of product is the most minimal.

Let's talk about color and pigment.

Enchanted Mauve is a vibrant baby milky pink color filled with finely milled silver shimmer that is bright, sweet and lovely color. While Mulberry Forest is a burgundy / maroon red / red wine (deep shade of red) color filled with super fined golden shimmer that is dark, bold and not dramatic as true red color. I am absolutely fall in love to Mulberry Forest because the color just really caught my attention that perfect for creating vampy or edgy dark look.

Both of the color is vibrant and the color payout is good. The color is build-able; the more sweep, the more vibrant of the color. Besides that, the color is perfectly cover and pop without the needs of concealing mouth yet provides super shiny glossy look.

As for the texture, these lips product is creamy, easy to apply yet kinda thick of consistency. Surprisingly, it doesn't feel sticky and not lost of color when mouth close and open rapidly. Not only that, these lips product is super moisturizing and hydrating enough that suitable especially for cracked or dry lips.

As this product claims as lip stain, so I have wore it and went to have a meal with my friends. Izzit the color is stay-able after having meal? I could said as fifty-fifty. The color still fade off but not too bad. The color is stain on my lips but the glossiness has gone. Well... I am totally happy with this product.

As for removing part, my mum used and claimed that this glossy lip stain is hard to remove while in my opinion is totally opposite with what my mum said. So, I believe/think that is depending on what type of remover you have use to remove. I am using Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and Biore Cleansing Wipe and both just did an awesome job without causing any trouble to me. SO, izzit hard to remove? You judge yourself!

In conclusion, if you want to archive a bright and perky lips, Mary Kay Glossy Lip Stain is perfect to you because the glossiness of this product is absolutely lovely. Of course! There's many way too if you're not a fans of gloss. You can use minimal product and using finger to blend around, you will archive a nice stain color yet with a very minimal gloss effect. It's perfect for creating gradient lips as well.

The only cons is I did not like the applicator design. Frankly speaking, it is kinda hard to apply and blend although easy to create edge. Sumore the material of the applicator is stiff. Is not really comfortable and easy to spread the product around my mouth tho. Since this is limited edition collection but I still hope the color variety of choice could be wider because the colors are absolutely lovely and amazing. At least, me likey! Haha....

Mary Kay Fall 2013 Fairytales & Fanstasy Collection Glossy Lip Stain
• creamy, non-sticky and kinda thick consistency
• super moisturizing and hydrated all day long
• color payout is good and build-able
• high gloss effect and color stain is good

Color Availability:
• Enchanted Mauve
• Mulberry Forest

Mary Kay

MYR 48 / 4.2ml

Made in:

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  1. i love how Enchanted Mauve appeared on your lips!

  2. Enchanted Mauve is gorgeous on you, like a candy which want to bite,Mulberry Forest way too sexy which I can't even handle but u did.

    Never know this brand so good in lip stain, were suprise the color in bottle doesn't look same with the color applied on your lips especially Enchanted Mauve.

    You doing a very nice blog =)

  3. Yes, surprisingly Enchanted Mauve color really suits me because I can't rock that color. Haha....

    Thanks Aris. :)