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[SkinCare] Japan Gals VC+nanoC Mask

Japan Gals VC+nano C Mask

Minasan Konichiwa

Welcome back to my little space. Guess has a gap since my last post was about beauty product review. Paishe! I'm quite busy recently. I have more and more excited upcoming post to show you guys. So just keep visiting back yea, LOL~

Without future ado, in this post would like to share with you guys about mask. Yes! Mask is the best express way to get back to younger skin. The product I would like to talk about is Japan Gals VC+nano C Mask. If you having problem of puffy face whenever you wake up then you MUST scroll down for more! Because this mask absolute helping alot. No joke babe!

What's the full name of VC+nano C?
Means the main ingredients highlight are Vitamin C and Nano Collagen.

What's the special about this mask?
Japan Gals VC+nanoC Mask is a monthly mask. Means this mask can be use everyday without feeling burden yet mild and gentle enough to our skin because we all know that a normal piece of mask actually can't be use everyday.

Japan Gals VC+nanoC Mask (front)

Japan Gals VC+nanoC Mask (back)

Vitamin C helps to prevent from dark-spots and freckle while 
Nano Collagen helps to reaches deep the lotion into skin.

Japan Gals VC+nanoC Mask contains 30 pieces in a pack. Can be use daily or every other day. Gently reminder: 'Once open, this mask has to be finish within two months' or else it might oxidization.

Japan Gals VC+nanoC Mask contains Vitamin C derivative* (antioxidant) and hydrolyzed collagen (moisturizing ingredient) to keep the skin moisturized, firmer, clearer and suppler skin. The anti-aging formula contains Vitamin C that helps prevent the formation of dark spots and freckles due to sunburn. The Nano-sized collagen helps to create more collagen that drives deeply into the skin for wrinkle treatment and nourishment.

Besides that, this mask has no fragrance, colorant and mineral oil include. The ingredient of mask is made by 100% pure Japan cotton so it is well fit on face. The masks have packed in a big zip-lock plastic bag. I love the idea of recycle although it might quite troublesome and has to be always making sure when locking the bag. I love the generous of beauty lotion aka mild serum (480ml used = more than a beauty lotion babeh!) used in this mask. Remembered my careless by letting my mask open for more than 6 hours in a dry place, luckily the beauty lotion has much enough to be supply. Pheww~~~

30 pcs in a bag. An eco-friendly idea.

with zip-lock function to prevent mask from oxidization

made by 100% pure Japan cotton

480ml high quality beauty lotion aka serum use

Other than that, this mask is also gentle enough for eyes. Turn down the eye mask for deeply eyebag moisturized and anti-aging or cover the upper eyelid for relaxing, anti-aging and moisturized effect. The beauty lotion won't make the eyes feel tingling yet it helps to soothing your eyes area with a light of cooling sensation.

I use this mask mostly in the morning or before apply makeup because I want to archive supply and docile skin all day long. Not only that, it also helps to minimize the usage of my base makeup and also boost my skin's hydration level. When your skin's PHP is balanced, your skin will automatically reduce the production of oil up to your face. Therefore, hydration is the most important to get away the greasiness and oiliness of your skin. This mask definitely does a great job yet also firm up my face too! *thumb up

Japan Gals VC+nanoC Mask
• no fragrance, colorant, mineral oil
• firmer, clearer and more supple skin
• helps prevent the formation of dark spots and freckles due to sunburn
•  keep the skin moisturised that drives deeply into the skin for wrinkle treatment and nourishment
• fights against pigmentation, lightens your dark spots and brightens dull and yellowish skin

Direction :
- After wash your face, apply mask onto your face.
- You may turn the eye mask down and attach it to the under-eye areas
you may close your eyes and cover the upper eyelids with mask.
- Leave the mask on for about 5-10 minutes. 
-After treatment, follow daily skin care procedure.

Japan Gal co.,ltd.

Made in:

MYR 65.00 / 30 pcs

Ingredient Highlight:
Hydrolyzed Collagen, Vitamin C, Hydroxyethlcellulose, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Where to buy?
Guardian Stores



  1. wow, the price is reasonable! i'll look out for it at watsons, thanks for sharing chency dear ^_^

  2. Welcome Mieza. Thanks this helps you. :)

  3. Hi babe. I tried the mask, there's tinge of warmness around e mouth area. Any similar experience?

  4. After using the mask, do I have to wash my face again??