Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[Tutorial] Sweet Brown Sakura Makeup Look

Sweet Brown Sakura Makeup Look

Kon'nichiwa Minasan ❤✿❤✿
Welcome back to my little space. Hope you guys doing great lately.

Yes!! It's spring season now~ When talk about spring, of course the first thing will think about is Japan❤ When think about Japan, naturally will think about pretty sakura✿ If you just back from Japan, please look right top and you will see the 'cross' sign and click it. Oopppsss.... No way!! I'm just kidding. Hahahaha~ (Means I am definitely jelly of you (┬_┬) )

Bla no more. Today post will be my first ever makeup tutorial aka pictorial on my little space, I mean the detail one. This makeup is inspired from Sakura. Is a natural sweet look that are suitable for this spring season also to who prefer natural brown look instead of black color.

Without future ado, let's get start ❤✿

Pictorial has comes to the end. I am having fun creating this look. Last but not least, thanks to Sean who helps me to take gorgeous picture. Hope you're enjoying looking at my first pictorial.
Have a great day ahead everyone. \(^o^)/