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[SkinCare] Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Repairing Mask

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Today gonna share and did a quick review on one of my current addiction mask which is a famous brand from Taiwan calls Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Repairing Mask. Frankly speaking, I have tried dozens of different masks and this is one and the one so far who really impressing me alot. I tell you why?! Just continue to scroll down for more details about this awesome product.

By the way, I really want to send my appreciation and thank you to Silk Apple Cosmetic for bringing this brand back to Malaysia. If you're following my blog quite a long time, I believe you might read my few previous post. I have blogged another lovely lip products ("Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lipbalm in #Retro Redclick here to readthat I got from their website too. Don't get me wrong. This is not advertorial. I am not paid for writing this part. I just write my honest words here. (∩_∩)

 Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Repairing Mask

Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Reparing Mask is application mask that helps to deep penetration. It contains Mexico Easter grass, snow and other plan extracts to give intensive repair to damaged skin, intensively replenishes moisture and improve the dry lines. For your information, Mexico Easter grass is a super natural botanical which contains over 460 times of moisture and helps to lock moisture naturally.  It also helps to reduce roughness, dullness and fine lines. Other than that, it contains nutritional ingredients such as Ginseng, Gingko and other herbal extracts to nourish and boost the synthesis of the moisture, help to improve elasticity and reveal a more smooth touch.

Let's talks about packaging design. Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Repairing Mask has create into a korken jar with air-tight lock. I know this might remind you the seasoning jars in your kitchen and so do I?! LOL... Anyway, my personal is love this kind of design because has double protection (air-tight lock system yet has another protection which is a plastic cover from inside). I believe its can help to decrease the speed of oxidation while also the active ingredients will not be lost easily. Other than that, it also can helps to make the product more longer lasting. The jar is in herbal green color which I think this really can express out their main objective of this mask. Unfortunately, this product does not comes with a spatula which I think should be because we can prevent unwanted bacteria into this product.

designed in a herbal green color korken jar

with air-tight lock system lid

easy to lock and unlock yet can firmly prevent oxygen into the mask

has another plastic cover to prevent leaking and oxidation

Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Repairing Mask
• intensively replenishes moisture
• decreases roughness, dullness and fine lines
• nourish and boost the synthesis of moisture
• helps to improve elasticity and reveal a more smooth touch

Application :
Apply after cleaning and toning. Rinse after 10-15 minutes. 
Use once or twice a week, and as needed.


RM107.00 / 150ml

Made in:
Shanghai, China

Ingredient Highlight:
Herbal Selaginellae, Herbal Centellae, Mexico Easter grass, Snow, Ginseng, Gingko and other herbal extracts

Where to Buy?
Silk Apple 

" Silk Apple is a website who online shop who selling Echisse, Ferrmina and Reacheer brands. In case you kinda blur, the brands they carried are hot brands selling in Taiwan. They selling skin-care and cosmetic products in affordable price. "

The texture of Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Reparing Mask is between of gel and cream type of mask, so I consider this as cream-gel forma. The color of the texture is milky color and the consistency will not makes you feel heavy when applying. It looks like watery gel mask but when feel or apply, the consistency is like a cream; like stiff peak form kind of feeling but not creamy. \ Sorry, it really hard to describe. I hope you will get what I mean here.

It has a nice light cooling and fresh sensation when applying. Although this mask is made by many kinds of herbals but it won't give you a strong herbal sensation (barely smell), so to who dislike herbals scents this is just right for you.

milky color of texture
*the spatula is not the package

cream-gel forma of consistensy

lightweight but creamy feeling when applying

has a nice light scent without heavy herbals sensation

If you're still remember, I has wrote that this mask is the one and only one so far who impressing me alot. Move to result part and this is the reason why. Because this mask gives me the highest moisture level and I can really feel the elasticity and bounciness level have increased. No lies! My pictures is my prove! Recently weather is too humid, of course! my preps my skin very well. It kinda happy when my tested my normal skin moisture level is high. After using this mask, my skin moisture level is higher where also creates Guinness record in my history, LOL. The moisture result of using this mask is from (40%, 3/5 hydration, 4/5 oiliness & normal skin condition) to (48%, 4/5 hydration, 3/5 oiliness & very good skin condition). View my pictures below. (∩_∩)

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