Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Fashion] Bossy Lady Black & White

Bonjour my lovelies~ ❤❤❤

Take a break about beauty-related post. I want to share about fashion today. Although I am not fashionista but fashion is adventurous, creative and fun to play it. Fashion would definitely inspired every human in this world. Who doesn't like dress up nicely?

Here's a simple outfit of myself. A quite bossy look mix and match with black and white. Black and white are always perfect match without fail. Besides that, I pair with a red shade lips to stand out even more. I kinda regret for not going for dark color lip likes plum, brown, or maybe vampire red?

*click images below for larger view

(Tom Ford Men Suit | Pearl Beaded Chiffon Crop-Shirt | Mango Checked Pencil Skirt 
| High Heel Platform Ankle Boot) 

Last but not least, special credit to United (my bestie) for the perfect photo pictures. 
Thanks again babe. *kiss



  1. i love ur outfit without the sunglasses!!it look for sophiscated and feminine without the glasses!! i think u r fashionista la babe!!

  2. You're right Cindy. But because without suit might too lady, that's why i pair up with it. It looks cooler, lol.

    Nope, I not fashionista babe. I'm just a girl who love dress up only. :)

  3. the suit look good just without sunglasses it will look better i think!!!

    yay same same!!!muackssss....see u soon babe!!!

  4. super cool and fashinonable look~~ hehe
    I also have that checker skirt too! haha

  5. Love your outfit!! <3 And the booties are perfect~!