Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Event] Nature Republic 4th Anniversary Celebration Special Sale!!

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If you're one of my friend on my instagram, '@thechency'. Foremost, you already knew that I am going mad with Nature Republic 4th Anniversary Celebration together with their super deal awesome promotion that you might never want to miss out too, "BUY 2 FREE 1!" 
*kindly reminder: promotion starts from 11th Jan till 30th Jan 2014. 

And yes!! I went to Nature Republic Flagship Store in Berjaya Times Square shopping centre on the event day together with butterflies from The Butterfly Project because I never want to let myself miss this deal! Their products are good and natural yet in an affordable price too.

Nature Republic is familiar around us because of the fame, of course! and also the brand concept behind. Simple introduction, Nature Republic is a brand that utilizes pure nature natural ingredients collected from around the world for their products.

Flag Store of Nature Republic in Berjaya Time Square has a comfy and spacey area to shop with and their products are more complete than others. During the day, the first 50 customers who purchase RM99 & above during the day will received special gift such as EXO poster, EXO cotton, Umbrella, Travel Kit & Recycle bag. Other than that, every spender who spend up to RM40 will get FREE 1 mask sheet till the promotion deal end (30th Jan 2014).

Nature Republic was also serving the shoppers with snacks and drinks prepared from Media Party Planners from 12pm to 5pm on that day. Do you visited and get one too? (∩_∩)

Spacey store to shop

free snacks and drinks served by Media Party Planner

Frankly speaking, I am headache when shopped at Nature Republic during that day because the shop is huge and various products are like trying to seducing me, lol. Luckily, thanks to the supervisor and beauticians passionately simply explain and introduce their best sellers and worth of try products to me. Gamsahabnida!! o(╯3╰)/

Here's some products recommend that you should not miss out!! Let's start shopping with me!! :D


Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
This is MUST-BUY!!! You sure will regret if you didn't pick this. This product is TOP 1 Best Selling Product in Nature Republic. This is one of my favorite beauty product and also get high-raved from many people. This product is a multi-task product; can be use as face, hair and body treatment. It formulated with 92% Aloe Vera extracts and vitamins that moisturize and soothe the skin. The aloe vera content relaxes all reddish and dry parts of the skin with a moist and non sticky texture

Nature Republic Whitening Collagen 90 Skin Booster
Another high-raved product from people. This product also get many awards from magazines. This product is ormulated with marine Collagen 90%, vitamin C, Arbutin, Italian orange water. It helps to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines while also makes your skin look and feel younger. 

Nature Republic Bee Venom Pink Spot
A good product to reduces acne and pimples. Formulated with 52% bee venom complex & calamine power. This spot product is for skin that gets easily irritated and suffers from redness.

Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Range
(Toner, Serum, Clay Pack, Spot Solution)
Pure clay water from Hawaiian seas takes cares of pores to create smooth skin. Formulated with hibiscus flowers and plants extract that can helps to soothes tired skin to create healthy skin.

Nature Republic Original Power Ampoule
(blemish, repair, hydra, lifting, whitening & lineless)
Best seller ampoules! High effective formulated with different pure nature ingredients on different purposed. 

Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Range
(Toner, Emulsion, Essence, Moisture Cream)
Bulgarian rose formulated with vitamin A and vitamin C which makes skin lively, moist and smooth with no extra stimulation

Nature Republic Therapy is a skin repair product line that contains highly-concentrated snail mucus that is harvested from clean ponds. This amazing regenerative snail mucus makes the skin smooth and healthy by working wonders on the skin with various skin problems such as blemishes, acne scars, red blotches, a dull skin tone, and sagging.

Nature Republic Snail Solution 80 Special Set
Formulated with snail mucus that helps to relieve skin to make it bright and elastic. 

Again thanks to The Butterfly Project and Nature Republic Malaysia for sharing me this special sale!! 
I am totally enjoyed shopping with my babes during the day. :)

Hurry up before the promotion end (from 11th Jan - 30th Jan 2014), and do hurry if possible because there's lots of freebies waiting for you to grab be out of stock!!

For more information, please do visit to:

Nature Republic Malaysia

Location to refers:
* Berjaya Times Square - KL (03-21412067)
* Sunway Pyramid - Subang (03-56221024)
* One Utama - Petaling Jaya (03-77223128)
* Cheras Leisure mall - KL (03-91300826)
* Queensbay Mall - Penang (04-6302132)
* Mahkota Parade - Melaka (06-2922324)
* City Square - Johor Bahru (07-2236266)
* AEON Mall - Kulaijaya (07-6606999)
* Suria Sabah - KK (088-486890)
* The Spring - Kuching (082-241586)
* Wisma Sanyan - Sibu (084-321588)
* Boulvard Mall - Miri (085-411235)

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