Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beauty Resolution 2014


With every new year, comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. Life cycling never stop and we are reflecting on them every day but a new year does present a good opportunity for energetic shifting.

Let's cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. :)

Beauty resolution to aim on this new year:

1. Diet!!!
I have lost in total of 8kg in a month. Yes!! In a freaking awesome month. (Read my post if you're keen). From 64kg to 56kg was like a miracle for me and thanks to GOD, one of my 2013 resolution has been marked. HOWEVER, I have gained back 3kg in a month after because of my vanity and satisfaction. I hurt myself back. So, I hope in this 2014 year....... my mouth stop chewing unhealthy snack and foods. And BEG!! to my freaking hormone stop being naive.

More space to go!!

2. Apply skincare every SINGLE day
Not lanci lar.... But I don't apply skincare unless when my skin was bad on some certain day or when only reviewing product. I am super glad that I have a very good healthy skin but I also know if I still keeping this bad habit, my skin will become much older than everyone in one day. Therefore, I will more hardworking applying skincare everyday.

3. Zero Damaged & Cruel
I am a beauty junky. I love reviewing and testing beauty products but I do also found minority of beauty products still using 'unhealthy' way to produced their product which I am super hate it. I hope every skincare products and cosmetics on my hand could be natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free and organic if possible. I know nowadays market still selling tons of "unkind" products but I also glad that many brand also starts switching the way into more healthier way. #feelingawesome #feelingsafe

Oh ya.... Meanwhile, I would like to thanks to The Butterfly Project and Yadah Malaysia, a Korean botanical skincare products for holding an event to celebrating Chinese New Year togethers with 50 bloggers on this upcoming Saturday. I know it's might feeling weird for you when talking about CNY but I already very excited when heard about this. CNY is awesome!!!


For more information kindly visit:
YADAH Malaysia:
The Butterfly Project:
4. Eat Healthier 
Health is always priority. A good health body starts from healthy food. Snacks, fast foods and carbohydrate drinks are always my priority when dining but day after day, year after year... I start to get older and I think I should starts control and maintain a good pyramid foods. Should start choosing organic fruits and vegetables while less meat and carbohydrate. Gayao gayao to myself!!

5. Exercise at least two times a week
Lazy is my baddest habit. Three quarters of my day was spent in front of my laptop on blogging, drawing, stalking people, watching video or playing games.... Imagine I putted my butt on chair for whole day no matter before or after eating, my body will start broken and looking ugly someday in future. Starting this year, I want force myself go to gym room and exercise AT LEAST TWO TIMES A WEEK!!

Here are my beauty resolution for 2014 and also upcoming years!! Tell me what's your?

Lastly, I wish you all have

Fantastic January,
Lovable February,
Marvelous March,
Joyful April,
Enjoyable May,
Successful June,
Wonderful July,
Independent August,
Powerful September,
Beautiful November
And Happiest December


- xoxo -

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