Friday, January 10, 2014

[How to] Makeup Brush Cleansing Board

Hello little bunnies ♥♥

Any makeup junkies having problem cleansing makeup brushes? 

Well~~ Makeup brushes really help my life easier! Without makeup brushes, my makeup won't longer lasting and docile yet create natural makeup look with minimum makeup product especially bb cream or foundation.

We all know makeup brushes are really handy-helpful but we're also know that makeup brushes are also the dirtiest tools compare with other makeup tools because it's collect trillion bacteria inside.

What is the solution of keeping makeup brushes always clean?

Yup!! Is CLEANSING! But how frequent you have proper 'cleansing' your brushes? Not that type of makeup brushes cleanser spray yea!! That's USELESS!! I mean... it is helps for temporarily use (only minimize the bacteria percentages but not much for real!) because bacteria easily growth in wet condition. Thinking about it when you're using makeup brushes cleanser spray and the wipe away just using tissue papers, and then uses it on face. Then keep repeating the step again and again for about one week? one month? or one year?! Dirt and bacteria are just only slightly remove but NOT COMPLETELY REMOVED!! Imagine whenever you use your makeup brushes, can you count the amount of bacteria?!


Back to March 2013, I still remembered of one day I have randomly viewed a DIY video from Youtube and I found that this DIY is really useful for all makeup junkies!! So, today I want to recreate my own version of DIY and decided share it in my blog.

It is quick, easy and effective method to deep clean your makeup brush collection yet in a low cost budget tools that can be find in major stores.

Yes!! Today I would like to share with you guys, 
'How to Make Makeup Brush Cleansing Board'
with only three tools that you might already have one at home. 


• Clip Board 
(any waterproof surface also can)

• Hot Glue Gun

• Glue Sticks
(perfer high quality from prevent falling out easily)

*PS: I bought all those stuffs at Daiso and I found the glue stick was not bad. At least I still haven't see any glue falling out from clip board.

1. Using a hot glue gun with glue stick together and starts creating textures on a clip board.
2.  Create texture and nubs onto a waterproof slate and you can use it to scrub your brush away.

For your guide:
I did big dotted for smaller brushes (eyeshadow / small concealer brush) while big dotted for bigger brushes purposes. I also create wave with dotted and cross zig-zig pattern for face brushes especially brushes that contain mineral oils like foundation and concealer brush). Lastly, I also did different sizes of lines for face brushes too.

3. Fill up the space and you're DONE!!
Easy-peasy right?!

Let's try it out weather this DIY works or no....

1. Simple rinse off the clip board from preventing any weird bacteria on it.

2. Then fill up your sink with water (prefer warm water).
3. Soak brushes into water and get wet.

4. Brushes are ready to wash off!!

5. Then using face cleanser that doesn't work on your face or extra or makeup remover. (I'm using both for extra cleaning)

6. Squeeze cleanser on the table.

7. Then start washing your brush on the texture or nubs.
8. Run the brushes into circular or upside-down for better cleansing.
(Did you see the dirt?)

9. Rinse the dirty foam with clean water.

10. Then, using shower gel or cleansing gel to clean up the clip board.

11. Squeeze a little amount on the clip board.
12. Wash it properly and rinse off with water.

13. Lastly, hang it at any place you're desired. You may use a dry towel to wipe the clip board until dry and then store it.

14. For the brushes, put them on a dry towel and then gently pat to remove excess water. Lay it upside-down position for better drying and more longer lasting.

Viola!! That's all!! Super easy right?

I found this tool really makes my life become much easier. This tool is cheap while also quick, easy and effective method just like my another useful makeup brushes cleansing tool; SIGMA SPA BRUSH CLEANING GLOVE which cost me over RM100. For the comparison, I found that both functions are just same but I more love DIY version because it's bigger and easier when doing cleansing. So far so good, no matter which one, both of them are doing the best job ever! 

Hope this DIY could helps you and tell me if you're trying to makes one too.
Happy Trying!! \(^o^)/~



  1. what a unique way to cleanse the brushes! I agree with you Chency, even I myself do the spray cleanse for my brushes, I still do deep cleansing. I'm putting a link to this post on my makeup brush cleanser review for readers to refer for deep cleansing, hope you dont mind :)

  2. Awesome post, love the whole DIY idea!

  3. Nice idea!! love this DIY!! =)

  4. Thank you for the tips! Definitely gonna try this out soon!

  5. This is a good tip with the board, but might I add that it's not good to dry your brushes upside down (assuming the bristles are facing upwards) - because this way any remainder water that is left will seep into the ferrule (the silver/metal) part of your brush and it might loosen the glue overtime. X

  6. wow this is such a useful post! clever and informative!

    swing by my blog too check it out! xxx

  7. wow this is such a useful post! clever and informative!

    swing by my blog too check it out! xxx

  8. Not bad, guess I will try this out :D