Sunday, December 1, 2013

[Giveaway] Redken Diamond Oil Products

 Wassup guys!!

Tried of your damaged hair?

Worry no more!! Redken's Diamond Oil - Hair Oil Treatment is created specially 
for dry and damaged hair?! If you're having problem as I've mentioned above,

I will be GIVING OUT one set of Redken Diamond Oil Products which contains:
- Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo (300 ml)
- Redken Oil Deep Facets (250 ml)
- Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine (100ml)
worth RM240 to one lucky reader at the end of this post. 
*wink wink

Redken Diamond Oil - Hair Oil Treatment is specially design for dry and damaged hair, utilizes and exclusive formula of silicone free hair oils, promises you with 3X stronger hair, radiant clarity for 2X more shine, smoothness for 3X more conditioning, and resilience for 3X less hair breakage.

Diamond Oil has includes cameline oil, coriander oil, apricot oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut out and other to strengthen hair from the inside to top-end hair result which will unprecedented strength and shine. Other than that, Diamond Oil also has include Interlock Protein Network (IPN) technology that works internally and externally in the products to delivers a nourishing blend of coriander, camelina and apricot oils that target all layers of the hair to strengthen, replenish and protect with each use.

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo (300ml) - RM63.00
Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner (250ml) - RM65.00
Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets (250ml) - RM88.00
Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine (100ml) - RM108.00
Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense (100ml) - RM108.00

Where to buy?
At selected Hair Salons. 
(find your nearest hair salon, HERE)

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo (300ml)
Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets (250ml)

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine (100ml)

Time to say goodbye to your damaged hair!!
Because is 

I will give away one set of Redken's Products (Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo, Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets, & Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine) worth RM240 to one lucky reader.

All you need is JOIN and ANSWER the question in the box below.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Giveaway is open to Global International.
2. You need to pay for postage fees. 
    *I am too poor if I need to pay for all postage, sorry!!
3. The accounts you have enter must be 'Public', private account will be deemed void.
4. All entries are checked for accuracy and will be validated.
5. If your task has not been completed, your entry will not be counted and will be considered invalid.
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6. A new winner will be regenerate if you're a winner who did not complete task.
7. Contest starts from today until 31st Dec, 2013 11.59pm.

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Wish you luck my lovely~


  1. My answer is true :) Chency, the image for fb share is missing, I cannot do the task :(

  2. Dear Mieza,
    I neo u are the 1st person who like my fb share photo. Due to timing different, so I delete it and now I put it back on rafflecopter. Please do try again and it's work now. :D


  3. Yes, the answer Is true!!! Hope to win this to solve my dry and damage hair problem!

  4. Yes, the answer is true! Hope I got luck to win this to solve my serious dry and damage hair problem :D
    Thanks you :D

  5. The answer is true!!
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  6. The answer is TRUE. Wish this series really works on my damage hairs. =(

  7. My answer is TRUE :) How to get this product for my mom, she has been having this problem since long long time ago~ And it would be nice to make it her birthday present on coming 9th December :P

  8. The answer is so true!wish I am the lucky one to be chosen...^_^

  9. It is True!! Especially for those with the frizzz hair....MEEE...sad case....
    I want save my hair~~~

  10. True! :D Thanks for this giveaway! ^^ I have always needed this for my badly damaged hair T.T

  11. Redken Diamond Oil Products is for damaged hair. True!!! <3

    Thanks for organizing an awesome giveaway!

  12. "Redken Diamond Oil Products is for damaged hair. Answer is True!!^^

  13. True...Redken Diamond Oil Products is for damaged hair.

  14. True of course ! Super hydrating oil ! I used something like that and they are pretty good ! so I'm excited about this as i'm currently using Redken Intraforce range and I love it !

  15. Redken Diamond Oil Products is for damaged hair. True or False?

    The answer is true!
    That's why i really hope i can wish this to treat my damaged hair! :)

  16. Redken Diamond Oil Products is for damaged hair. True loh.
    Cindy Tan

  17. Answer the question, "Redken Diamond Oil Products is for damaged hair. True or False?"


  18. It's true. I hope to win this because my sister always wanted to get a hair products. I think this will be the best Christmas gift for her.