Friday, November 15, 2013

HiShop EyeSwear EyeLash

Bonjour mes beautés ♥♥

Fancy post today talking about my ultimate secret for a big eyes look
especially typical Asians like me.

Guess what?
Is all about FALSE LASHES aka Falsie.

No doubt!! Im'ma falsies die fans.
I probably can't live without falsie because
this is the main key to helps me archive big eyes look
and the most important,'double eyelid'.

When a typical Asian girl like me (single eyelid + small eyes),
falsie helps me to open my world!!
A big thank you to the one who created this!!

And nowadays, falsie has so much improved
due to the latest technique apply inside.
Is all about soft, comfortable and 'non-plastic'
even using a thick falsie.

Bla no more!!
In this post, I would like to introduce to you,

EyeSwear False Eyelash
which are made from Taiwan.
(who said only Japan has good pair of falsie?)
Btw, thanks to HiShop Malaysia for the falsie.

This falsie helps to add length and
provides a full, wide-eyed, spiked look.
Frankly speaking, this pair of falsie is quite dramatic.
So, if you plan to go for special event or clubbing,
you can try out this falsie.
Is really comfortable and soft but was little plastic to me
but not a big deal because at least
it doesn't has reflection when camera flashing.
For the root part, I love it because it still a soft string black root
so it really easy to adjust and comfort when wearing.
All I could say, this falsie is a good pair of drama falsie,
makes me eyes pop and bigger.

Name: Eyeswear Eyelash e-Series (no.3 Classic)
Price: RM 45.00
Quantity: 2 pairs
Where to buy? : HiShop Malaysia (link)

Long front natural while end is dense pattern 
with black root falsie.
This pair of falsie gives a full and long eyes look
while giving whether the look is natural or dramatic.
My personal like the quality of this falsie,
soft and natural lash with soft string black root.
This falsie suitable for day and night use
because it gives a little drama yet not too much.
To girls or maybe guys? who wish to lengthens while biggers
eye looks, this falsie will does the job.

Name: Eyeswear Eyelash s-Series (S02 Bohemia)
Price: RM 58.00
Quantity: 5 pairs
Where to buy? : HiShop Malaysia (link)

As you can see image above, 
this falsie is made a concentration
at center and the little end part. 
It helps to give eyes bigger and 3D rounder dolly-eyes look.
The transparent root helps to archive 
more natural dolly eyes look too.
It still easily adjustable while not losing its shape easily
therefore this falsie basically is not a big deal to beginner.
To who love gyaru round doll eye,
try this falsie out!!
Quite natural and easy to handle 
while putting the falsie on.

Name: Eyeswear Eyelash s-Series (S03 Dolly)
Price: RM 58.00
Quantity: 5 pairs
Where to buy? : HiShop Malaysia (link)

This pair of falsie is my current addiction.
It blends very well into my real lashes
yet this falsie really gives me a
natural long yet not too drama end-eyes look.
This falsie is well blends depends no matter
how thickness and shape with your eyeliner, 
thin eyeliner will helps to create natural long full lashes
while thick eyeliner creates not too drama sexy long cat eye.
(conclusion: suitable for any occasions)
Last but not least, the quality of this falsie
is soft, high-end and comfortable false lashes like
the others too.

Name: Eyeswear Eyelash s-Series (S05 Versailles)
Price: RM 58.00
Quantity: 5 pairs
Where to buy? : HiShop Malaysia (link)

Their quality is as good as Japan's falsie and
in a very affordable price range too.
Specially recommends for beginners because
the root of these falsie are easy to handle and adjust
while not easily losing the shape.

If you wish to buy EyeSwear Eyelash,
you can find it at HiShop Malaysia (link).

EyeSwear Eyelash e-Series is RM45.00 (2 pairs)
EyeSwear Eyelash s-Series is RM58.00 (5 pairs)

For more information and giveaways,
please do visit to their online media,

Till then...


  1. Your style is so Kpop so nice! And your eyes already sooo huge before wearing false O.O don't need to say after wearing it XD

  2. Oh my god. No word to say. Its WOW blog post. I love this kind of write up review. Keep it up Chency!

    Best regards,

  3. Your pics are so nice loooo <3 pretty babe!

  4. i like look wit wit ur original hair...