Monday, November 25, 2013

Early Chirtmas Gift for my bloggie ♥The Rose Dolly♥

Bonjour mes beautés♥♥

Welcome back to my 'NEW' blog everyone?! 
An early Christmas gift for my bloggie as a fresh look for her after using 
'The Red Lip Roses' Blogskin for about seven months? 

By the way, how do you feel about my new blogskin? 
Yay or Nay?

Talking about my new blogskin.... this time I call this blogskin as 
'The Rose Dolly'

The concept behind:
Romantic Vintage, Roses,  Addiction, Illustration

Frankly speaking, at first I am not thinking of making any changes about my blogskin this year because I found that I am too often tailoring new clothes for my bloggie while my previous blogskin was actually very new. But when I am sketching an idea for my client, just suddenly get excited for a brand new idea aka clothes for my bloggie. #thedesigner'sdisorder Since I am not in the right mood thinking about others so I end up planning for my own. 

This time I want to have my very 'own' design of blogskin. I mean no more giving credit to others! This blogskin is 97% drew by myself except the wallpaper (background), butterflies (becoz I am too lazy to animated it) and the fonts. Other than that, everything was credited under me!! IS ME.... Chency aka Ccy

Like usual, I sum up all the stuffs I like. Roses, vintage and my favorites color of red shades. Simple, clean but attractive with no big picture of myself on there, will be replaced by illustration (The Dolly). 

This is me. The illustration of myself lol. This is completely out of my actual idea. My actual idea was drawing my face on there (illustration version) but I don't think my chubby face would be nice so I end up drawing the ideal side of myself lol. Dim purpleish hair color, purpleish straight brows, smokey eyes, bright peachy cheek, high contour nose and addiction of plum red lips. These are my favorite makeup style all the time!

Then, I drew a stood instead of legs because I wanna represent my fashion senses that I am always confident wearing any clothes like a model do. The non-color of makeup goodies under me were represent my addiction of beauty, style and fashion all the time and also representing my blog too. If you know me in person, I am not the kind of person who loves sweet, pastel and dreamy colors. I mean I do but when talking about fashion on myself? Sorry, there definitely are not my optional. I always the side of black, punk, cool and rock style if possible. So, I decided made this doll looks cool and kinda mysterious instead of looking sweet and cute. But I still going for a pink (not sweet one) dress represent the girly side of myself.

The Making

Roses are my always favorites element that must have in my blog because roses are so damn beautiful and elegant and easy to pair with. This time I drew the classic roses (elegant plum red color roses) with vines for romantic vintage kind of looks. I go for messy yet tidy kind of feels in this blogskin. The messy was the vines while the 'tidy' was the roses. Actually wanna draw for proper vines but I am so freaking lazy to colors anymore and suddenly feel that messy actually was not bad tho, lol. So, end up decided this as final touch! This blogskin colors are only shades of red, grey and brown. 

Ladies & Gentleman~~~
I am glad to announce that my ‘BLOG FOLLOWERS’ was finally on my sidebar.
No more headache and error following this site.

From my last two blogskin design, my blog followers' gadget actually contains errors (system problem). I hardly hard to find the solution to fix therefore there's no following widget on my blog previously although the giveaways were using extra links to make connection. But quite of numbers complaining that can't follow properly, this bla bla bla and that ble ble ble....

Therefore, I finally decided re-code my blogskin again. Yup!! Perhaps you might not think there's any difference layout between the new and old but for me, there's many cells are dead of this blogskin's layout because code are evils especially javascript. Okay! I know many of you don't know what the hell I am talking about, so anyway please feel free to 'follow' me if you like. :)

Some of minor errors also fixed! :D
(Btw, I still can't fix the comment system but still can comment perfectly. On the way developing.... if success then the blog system could be perfect and flawless after!)

It's 5.44am in the morning, I shall get ready date with my bed now.
Hope you guys like my new blogskin design and keep on updated
 because 'CHRISTMAS's GIVEAWAYS' are ready to run!

Stay tuned and stay fabulous everyone.



  1. Hohoho... Christmas is just around the corner...

  2. so beautiful dear!!i love rose too...and still waiting for u to help me design leh....

  3. i really love this new look!!! it's very clean, tidy and sweet. OMG Chency you're definitely talented :D

  4. Love the new blogskin! You're really talented in designing stuffs! :D

  5. i love roses so much! >.< very nice blogskin!

  6. The new blogskin is simply lovely and that it was all your designs make it simply stunning. Good job dear ... I'm always awed by your creativity

  7. The new blogskin is nice! Love it, you really such a talent of making these, wish to hire you to edit my blog! HAHA :D