Friday, October 25, 2013

Spa Party ft. The Butterfly Project x Posh Nail Spa

Throwback to #July2013 (yes! I know it's sounds like millions year ago) that I have attended the very first spa party with other bloggers although the week was the most tough edu sad and crazy week. Thanks everyone for comforting me on that day #rememberyoursgood #inmylife   and I am having so much fun on that day because of foods, massages, manicure & pedicure, goodies, activities and the most important caring and super fun blogger friends surrounding me. I am so blessed that I could made myself able on that day. ~\(♥▽♥)/~

Not forgot to mentioned the 13 awesome collaborators who added on the highlight during the event happening. *Remember do follow them for more exciting news and updates.

Thanks to:
Organizer: the Butterfly Project 
(Illy, Ayna, Laura & especially Tammy who made this happen)
Venue: Posh! Nail Spa
Event Planner: Tres Chic Party Planner
Foods: Good Friends Cafe
Treatments: Aspen Spa (massages) / Posh! Nail Spa (manicure & pedicure)
Fashion Show: Pink N Proper
Photo & Props: Fotobox
Goodies sponsored:
Havaianas Malaysia
Johnsons Body Care
Signorina perfume
The Body Shop Malaysia
TT Mask Malaysia

My blue hair~ Sudden feeling awkward when looking back previous fancy hair colors. 
Hmmm... Time flies~~ (~ o ~) By the way, this is my previous my dirty blue hair and my pink kitty bathrobe outfit. #muahahahahaha!

Let's back to the event.

The event was held at Posh! Nail Spa where located at TTDI, KL. Did I mention that this is my first time joining spa party? Yup! I am super excited ready to get pampered. Other than that, I also one of the catwalk model of the day for Pink' N Proper's Prom Collection. Frankly speaking, I have no confident and super nervous when I knew that I have been selected as one of model of the day, at first feeling wanna give up but decided to give myself a try of it. Scroll down for more babes. (∩_∩)

Although Posh! Nail Spa does not a big space but there's many stations for us to played on that day. One of the stations is DIY station. Is a station to learnt and created own body scrub for DIY Beauty. We can save our money from spending on scrub. Yay!

Then move to mask station. TT Mask Malaysia is there for giving us mask. Yes!! Is free!! While also having special sales on that day. Besides that, they also teach us how to selected mask depends on skin types and condition. With nowadays beauties technology, mask is everywhere but finding a good mask that really makes your skin back to baby skin is quite tough tho, so I also have learnt some tips on during consult with them.

Is time for nails become pretty pretty?! Yes! Free manicure and pedicure on that day. Can you imagine me like a dowager sitting at there then choosing nail lacquers then nails get painted by manicurist?! Yes!! That day I was like that. Such a relaxing moment..... 

Pretty pretty nails ♥♥

Rocking nails picture with props with my babe, Amelie

My legs get pampered too!!

Romantic lilac for my feet's nail *major love♥

Oh my!!! How I couldn't miss the party?! Get pampered from face to toe sumore got goodies to brought back home. Guess what? Massage time. Although was just a quick massage but I knew that am at other area from stress environment. This is my first time too and I really missed this moment. Feel so good~~

Ohaiyo~ lol

One of the highlight moments during the party. As I mentioned above, I am one of the model who rock Pink' N Proper Prom Collection that day (Ehem.... Quite embarrassing when writes this). 

Me on the board!! Omg!! I am on the board. Hahahhaa....

With other bloggers who cat-walking the show

So... this is me~ Seriously so fat nia!!! >.<

Picture curi from Sabrina's blog. Sssshhhh!! Lol

Thank you Pink' N Proper for having us. *kiss

Life is heading to top of happiness when party, pamper & also goodies are all in one together. Many competitions and lucky draw happening on that day, such as insta's contest, best dress, lucky draws and more.... if never won any still no worry because goodies also filled with lotsa stuff with auto made you smile widely~ Jelly nia? Then you should follow this community for more exciting upcoming events and funs, @The Butterfly Project.

*pictures credit to Swee San from

Thanks so much for reading this super old post but I sure you've fun when reading too.
Last but not least, thanks all collaborators who help to make this so much fun.

Okay, I should end my post here.
Till then...


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