Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CN Blue's Blue Moon World Tour Concert

Nae dogjadeul-ege insa do 'Boice' !!
(Hello to my readers and also 'Boice' !!)

Kinda miss back the awesomeness concert of CN Blue's Blue Moon World Tour Concert 2013 lived at Stadium Negara, K.L, Malaysia on 24/08/2013, Rocking Saturday! I will not forget the moment forever!! \(^o^)/

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A chance that never dream could have a close distance with Kpop Stars! 

Thanks Samsung Malaysia for a pair of VVIP tickets for me and my partner to rock the concert! This is one of my best gift ever in my life!

Wearing official 'Boice' tee to rock the concert!! I know many 'Boice' wanna this tee so badly! Heeeeheeee....
(Boice is the official name of CN Blue's Fans Club)

Lets pictures do the talking!!

The lead of the group. A multi-talented who has an amazing voice too. Definitely fall in love with his voice of the day! He has a nice high pitch tone too!!

The coolest drummer in Earth!! I bet he defeated many girls at the night including me too, lol. He is so so so cool when playing the instrumental although he is the only one can't walking around on the stage!

Maknea but tallest in the group. A bass-guitarist. 
He is so cute!! Aww!! I hope I can see him tie up his hair once day if possible. By the way, his rap was awesome!! 

The lead guitarist in the group. He is the one who fully focus playing his guitar on that day. I can felt the passionate heart from his skill and I love the every pictures I've captured him because his poses are so handsome!! 

Full song list of CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour 2013 in Malaysia:

Where you are
Get Away
One time
Naran Namja
Coffee shop
Have a good night
Wake up
More than you
Love Light
These day
Y, why
Just Please
In My Head
I’m a Loner
I’m Sorry

Hey You
Love Girl
Feel Good
Try again
Smile again
I wished the concert could replay again and again!! I am proud of myself was the one of 'Boice' jamming the concert together at that day! They're talented plus handsome too!! No one could resists their fascination includes me too!! Thanks Samsung and Manoah for those tickets!! Tank q *kiss kiss

A picture of myself with the stage. CN Blue's oppa(s) are awesome!!!

With Janice

With my dear, Amelie, Caroline Ng (from right), Frankie Rose Uni and Carolyn Tay. 

Selca bom with Amelie.

Is time to rest now~
Have a nice day everyone~



  1. aww... i missed this cox not in malaysia.. T.T
    saw ur shoe, is that to protect ur feet from getting steps on? XD

  2. Haiz~ U miss this awesome moment babe~ XD

    Yup, I want them feel the pain because they step on my legs, lol XD

  3. What camera model are you using now? :)


  4. Fione, TR100 for selca and Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX50V for events~ :D