Friday, September 13, 2013

Be Gyaru-ish with Koji DollyWink

Wearing new series of Koji Eyelashes called Lash Concierge No.3 Basic Nude
More info about this debut lashes will be revealed at down there ↓ 

Was exclusive invited by The Butterfly Project to Koji DollyWink Workshop. I bet Koji brand is no stranger to you all especially their super famous DollyWink Eyelashes which is exclusively designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka, who was an iconic between Gyaru gals and also ambassador of Dolly Wink.

I had been a fan of Koji brand since I was at high school. Dolly eye, fashionable clothes, and kawaii expression in magazine like Popteen and Vivi really touched my heart as I always saw the gals recommended Koji DollyWink inside. I have no idea how much I spent for DollyWink eyelashes last time but when I getting older, I was stick to natural big eye look.

I was glad that I can be the one of bloggers who get in touch with Koji DollyWink because I still cannot resist their awesomeness and quality products until now plus I was excited to know more about their new debut falsies.

The event was located at matched theme restaurant, Little Pantry @ IOI Mall, Puchong.
This restaurant really cute and sweet ♥!

Cute pastel cakes of the day. 
Tsubasa Masuwaka was inside so we have no reason the cut the cake. I have no reason why we need to cut our idol off. Hahahaha....

Bloggers of the day. Everyone is busied taking pictures and insta just because we are so happy to share the news out.

I wish all those stuffs are in my room. I should steal all those during the event. 
Hahaha! Of course, this is NOT a joke, lol.

More DollyWink stuffs.

Their super awesome cute sweet popular DollyWink falsies. I am still using it but only for special occasions due I found it quite dramatic for me when I get older but I still love these falsie. Their packaging has changed too.
Hand up if you're one the fans of them. ~\(≧▽≦)/~

I was so happy when I heard DollyWink has launched brown falsies. Omo!! I'm love... love brown falsie as it looks more natural. If you're kind of person who love natural looks, pick these series. You will definitely love it and can archive 'mixed' makeup look.

Other than that, these products are limited edition (brown falsies and set of liners). Definitely a worth in your makeup collection.

For this upcoming Winter 2013 session, Dollywink will debuts limited edition packaging that comes in set to add on the heat for the session. Products will start available during November 2013
Have you start making wishlist yet? Haha!

Cream eyeshadow set with a white pencil liner. 
Wanna a pop bigger eye? This is the deal for you! 

Psst: For those products which are comes with set will 
start available during November 2013 onwards.

I have change to bump to all those products! I can tried and test all DollyWink products for free!!
I hate myself why I don't incidentally put them in my bag! Hahahahaha~ 
Of coz don't treats my words seriosuly lar.... 

And more to go~

Which is your favourite DollyWink product?

Make up of the day using all DollyWink products.
I did not using falsie on that day because I am so unwilling to open it (this is the main reason).

- DollyWink Brown Pen Liner (thicker liner and as base)
- Dollywink Black Pen Liner (thinner line to makes my eye more spiritual)
- Dollywink No.1 Volume Mascara (upper lashes)
- DollyWink No.2 Long Mascara (upper & bottom lashes)
- Dollywink White Pencil Liner

That's all!! 

If you want me to picks my favorite products of the day, 
I could say is DollyWink Mascaras (No.1 & No.2).

The reason I picked it because I start to avoid using falsie everyday (lazy lol). I found these mascara creates volume and long while not turns flaky (cockroach legs wannabe) and gives me clean and separate end look. Plus, it is really easy to removes!! 

My looks of the day after makeup. 
I found I don't have self-shot because whenever I wanna selfie, my gals must bump into me. 
But I love them so much! ♥♥♥

Angeline very happy that she can be one of the models to try out falsie. 
Believe or not, she never knows how to apply falsie (unless someone apply for her) and doesn't wear contact lens!! (< , < ) I hate her so much because she still looks pretty without!!! 

To Angeline: If you see this post, stay away from me!! Muahahaha~

Sensei (Ooppsy I forgot her name), demonstrating on Angeline eyes as she requested for natural look. Therefore sensei using Lash Concierge in No.3 Basic Nude to Angeline's eyes.

You may wonder what is Lash Concierge I was talking about? 
No worry, head down for more ↓ 

Angeline using the newest eyelash curler, Koji Curving Eyelash Curler to curls her's eyelashes first. Then sensei applying the falsie to her eye.

The comparison between with and without falsie. Angeline so happy with the result of the day.

There's two new products will debut in Malaysia on this upcoming November 2013.

- Curving Eyelash Curler
- Lash Concierge Natural look-Eyelash Series 

What is the special about this curler?

▶ Bow-shaped curving frame
With storage case with storage case
▶ Unsuitable for mass production, these special curlers are 
produced with artisanal skill and attention to detail.

Comparison before and after using Curving Eyelash Curler.

Finally, Koji has launch natural look falsie called Lash Concierge Series, as I've mentioned at top there twice. I was so happy when I heard this news because I am stick to natural look now.

Koji introduces eight different lashes with different pattern; in half or full lashes 
and percentages; the higher the natural will be. 

Today I am going to do a quick review on Lash Concierge in No.3 Basic Nude with 85% natural

Well actually this falsie not belongs to me but I've mixed up with other bloggers during the event so end up taking this. Meanwhile, I was actually happy too because this is my favorite among all, so Carolyn sorry and thanks ya. Haha...

So here's my comparison before and after using Lash Concierge No.3 Basic Nude.

My eye instantly pops while looking natural at a same time. Oh lord!!! It makes me hard to avoid falsie again. =.="

Lastly, a picture of myself wearing Lash Concierge No.3 Basic Nude. 
I love this because my eyes look bigger and natural!

Psst: Curving Eyelash Curler and Lash Concierge Natural Look-Eyelash Series will 
start available starting November 2013.

*Some of pictures are courtesy to Angeline. Thanks for sharing pictures with me. :D

Before end this post, I have to credit again to 
The Butterfly Project and Dollywink Malaysia exclusively invite to the event.




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  2. That event looks like it was so much fun!! :D Your makeup looks gorgeous!
    I just found your blog and am a new follower! ^-^

  3. I love collect falsies but maybe wear them like once in a blue moon. lol!

  4. good comparison of your picture..
    A picture is worth a thousand words XD

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