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BCL Makeup Workshop with Tanebe-san

Monday Blue-day? ...... Nonononono.... !!


Monday Bright-Day, what a free day~~ ♥

Today I wanna be a geek girl staying at home reading my manga comic (Boys Love ♥♥♥ (give me a high 5 if you're part of me)) while rolling on my bed for a day because tomorrow will be busier than usual 

And of course happiness doesn't longer lasting.... while bitter was actually waiting for you! After being nagging by mummy, I decided come to blog to get an updated as usual rather than continue drawing/repairing manga again. Life is getting stress when turning 20! Seriously!

Oh ya... before I move to topic, "Welcome to my blog. \(^o^)/~"

特別な感謝 to #Manoah for the opportunity to attended BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop letting me to learnt more about latest Japanese makeup trends from a famous Japanese Make-up Guru, Tanebe-san. Yes, BCL is a Japanese brand! I have done a review about BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Eyeliner on my blog before and you may click (here) to know more about this product I've rated.

Let's make is simple, BCL stands for Beauty Creative Lab
Sounds like professional right? lol

BCL are mainly targeted on fashionable young ladies and working adults who wants to look good in their daily life. They have some star products that you would might probably been recommended by Sasa sellers which is BrowLash Ex, Makemania Data, Tsururi skin care range, and etc....  

So, Tanabe-san has introduced to me the four latest make-up trends in Tokyo, Japan:-

1. Shibuya Gal (Cool & Confident)
They love dressing in monotone, stylish and chic clothes. You can find this type of girls in a Trendy Boutique in Aoyama Area. Their signature makeup would be sharp and impressive eyeliner with black hair.  

2. Akihabara Gal (Dolly & Natural)
They love character toys or anime. They are sweet with their natural makeup and bobbed hair. 

3. Harajuku Gal (Pop & Sweet)
They love accessories, casual and colorful clothes. They look young and cute like teenagers. Harajuku girls most probably dyed their hair and wear gradation eye shadow.

4. Yokohama Gal (Fairy & Elegant)
They are feminine who loves luxury items and wear conservative fashion. They also love to wear thick makeup with airy and curled long hair. 

Guess me which 'Gal' I would like to be on that day?! With my entire outfit of the day.... of course! I would choose to be Shibuya Gal with cool and confident look. Actually my favorite look is Akihabara Gal but since I wore this outfit so.... why not Shibuya gal? Lol.

Boy-ish look

I keep on mentioning Tanebe-san.... Tanebe-san BUT you guys must confuse who is he actually? 

So here is it!! Mr.Tanebe is a Japanese make-up guru who has been in beauty industry more than 20 years. He always appears on various Japan's TV shows and magazines by teaching and sharing his knowledge on makeup techniques.  

Tanebe-san was going to made a demonstration on how to be Akihabara Girl which is Dolly & Natural makeup look. 

Behalf of that, BCL make-up(s) are ready for me to play with. I always wish to bring them back home. Hmmm.... I should be brave put them into my bag after using it... Muahahahaha!! I am just kidding la of course!! Please do not learn tho!

Tanabe-san is demonstrating how use products while also describing the special about the product. Meanwhile, he was also sharing quite a lot of make-up tips to us! I learnt well on that day. *thumb up

Starting with base make-up first. Surprisingly BCL does not have primer or liquid foundation types. To gals who always love minimal make-up looks, you may try their powder foundation called Clearlast Face Powder available in two types, Mat Ocher (matte finish) and Shiro-Hada Ocher (glow finish).

Step 0 : Clearest Face Powder
Shiro-Hada Ocher (glow finish) in black and Mat Ocher (matte finish) in pink
The shades is universal and this product has a nice scent of light peach fruit.

Step 1 : Browlash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid
This step is very important for me. I could barely go out with no make-up but not with seamless eyebrow although I have a pair of natural bold eyebrow BUT defining is the main key to change a character of person. Just like simple cartoon using their eyebrow to delivers expression.

Browlash EX W Eyebow Pencil & Liquid is available in two shades, natural brown (bright hair color) and grayish brown (deep hair color). You might think liquid eyebrow liner could be weird but trust me! My personal favourite is using liquid type of eyebrow liner instead of using pencil because for me is more defined especially when drawing the end of eyebrow.

Step 2: Makemania Data Graduation Tip Shadow 
Eyeshadow in pencil type for easier handle when apply and more convenient. Makemakia Data Graduation Tip Shadow is available in two shades too, Bronze Brown (pink) and Light Brown (blue). 

Tips: You could use light brown for the front eyelid and then using bronze brown for the end of eyelid to makes contour for more dimensional eye-look. Remember keep center eyelid clean or lightest to makes your eye bigger and forgiving. 

Step 3 : Eyeliners
There are two types of eyeliners you can choose, pencil type and also liquid type
What the differences? Well, very easy! 
Go for pencil if you love soft eye-look and you may choose brown colors for more natural look. 
Then, if you hope your eyes looks more spiritual and dramatic, go for liquid type which is also available in two shades too. Me personally a fans of liquid type as my eyes deserves more spiritual look.

Makemania Data Pencil Gel Liner
available in two shades, Deep Brown (brown) and Jet Black (black)

Browlash EX Water Strong Liner
available in two shades, Deep Black (red packaging design) and Deep Brown (yellow packaging design).

There's one more type of liner that I would like to show you which is BCL Makemania Liquid Eyeliner SS Black. The difference is this eyeliner has super sharp (SS) tip, easy to create cat eye and very thin line. This product is great for both beginners & advanced users.


Step 4 : Mascaras
BCL has introduces the three types of mascaras that helps to archives long, volume, and curly eyelashes without using eyelash curler.  

Browlash EX Lash Sculpture (130% Long) in Red
Browlash EX Volume Lash Fiber (200% Volume) in Pink
Browlash EX Lash Curler Express in Baby Pink

How to?
1. Use Browlash EX Volume Lash Fiber to archives full-looking voluminous eyelash in zig-zag manner.

2. Then using Browlash EX Lash Curler Express to archives curl effect without using eyelash curler by holding 3 seconds for each section (from root to top)

3. Lastly, using Browlash EX Lash Sculpture to separates lashes from clumpy and maximizes the long of lashes. This mascara is easy when apply bottom-lashes.

Here's the comparison before and after using the mascaras. 

Step 5: Makemania Data Essence Rouge Gloss
available in three colors, Strawberry Red, Peach Orange, and Cherry Pink.
These glosses are currently still not available in Malaysia yet. 


Here's is the comparison before and after. I found that BCL products are probably comes in very basic make-ups, only in black and brown color even the gloss colors are in natural shades after applying. This brand really suits for working adults and also beginners.

My final look!! 
My make-up was not Akihabara Gal look. Mine is Shibuya Gal look.  

Lastly, greet everyone have a great day instead!
I am super ready to welcome October ~ ♥ 
Gonna countdown starting from now because I hate September 2013!

See you.

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