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[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

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I am back to Malaysia after attended an event at Hong Kong! Totally had fun there although the timing was not really right because of typhoon. *sob But still never affected my mood at there. Hehehe....

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Anyway, today I am going to review on a new product, Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige W13 (color and shade) that will be officially launches on September in all Etude House outlets in Malaysia. This product was kindly given for review purpose.

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion (Natural Beige W13)

Section #1 : Package Design

No girls can't deny that Etude House always has sweet and dreamy princess look on their products. Not surprising, Precious Mineral Any Cushion was in their signature sweet/pastel princess pink too. I should admit that, Etude House really knows well majority girls of favorite.

The packaging design of Precious Mineral Any Cushion was in a round little reflection pink container. Inside has a mirror and round container with a tight lid to prevent BB cream from drying. However, my personal thought to this product was disappointing because it doesn't as nice as Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit  (click to view image). Perhaps you might confuse what the hell I complain for? The part I dislike was the logo!! The logo of P.M Any Cushion is printed while P.M BB Compact is 3D printed. Sorry I such a freak of nice packaging.

Therefore in conclusion, the design does not 'wow' me that much.   ╮(⊙v⊙)╭

Package design #1; nice princess pink shade in round container design

Packaging Design #2

Section #2 : Texture 

I like the texture finishing after applied. The texture is considers as mild liquid form type and it is easy to penetrate and well blend by using air puff to apply. The BB Cream is lightweight, slightly-tacky and has a nice scent of smell and the scent was quite lasting, about 2 to 4 hours depends on weather and condition. For lasting part, consider as normal too; lesser product on face around after 6 to 7 hours in average but my face start to become tad oily normally after 4 hours in average.
*(depending on situation and condition)

For coverage part, Any Cushion considers for light to medium coverage while performing a natural dewy but not matte in end result.

Lightweight: ★★
Tackiness: ★★☆☆☆
Coverage: ★★★☆☆ (Light to Medium)
Long-lasting: ★★★☆☆ (5 to 6 hours with setting powder)

Foaming Urethane Foam Sponge - Micro fine distribution technique

Air puff (made of Rubycell+ Polyurethane) - minimizes discoloration and cracking of the surface with moist finishing

It's helps to minimizes contents absorption with dual structure and it doesn't reabsorb water so it’s superior in cooling and freshness 

Personally I love the puff!! The puff makes easy to apply and well penetrate with a right amount of product when apply

The texture on my lovely finger.
Left is the texture when I pressed lightly while right side is the texture form when I pressed hard.
Illustration above shown the texture looks creamy and thick but in real, the texture was mild and lightweight. I tried not using air puff to apply, surprisingly I doesn't give me heavy feeling and the tackiness is lesser than using air puff but not well-blended. I still prefer using air puff. Hehe.... 

Comparison before and after using Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. For me, the coverage of this product was good enough just like you can see on illustration above. My pores were perfectly covered and my skin tone color was not changes too. This product does not bring me grayish or yellowish tone on my skin. 

Section #3 : Proved Result

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion claims that has 6 benefits in 1:

☑  UV Protection (SPF 50+ / PA+++)
☑  Sebum control (Yes but considers as normal!! Tad oily after 3 hours)  
☑  Whitening (contains whitening essence "pearl powder")
☑  Color Correction (YES!! refers Before & After result)
☑  Cooling effect (YES!! Air puff technology)
☑  Speedy make up (Yes!! Is all in one application. Easy and fast tho)
☑  Moisture lock (Considers as normal/high!! Results refers illustration below)

How to use?

Apply the contents as patting lightly with the puff. Then, pat to increase adherence. 
Apply another layer to improve coverage.
(Applying by patting is suggested rather than spreading)

Okay. I know am such a bubbling bitch. 
Let's move to final summarize: 

What I think?
As I mentioned, I was kinda disappointing with the packaging design because it's not attractive enough just like other series of products.

Move to texture part, it's lightweight, slightly-tacky, light to medium coverage and has a nice scent of smell. It does has cooling effect and refresh feeling when using air-puff to apply while it is easy to blend too. For lasting part, I claim it as normal as my face become tad oily after 4 hours and lesser product after 6 to 7 hours. Of course, it's depending on environment and skin conditions of the day. 

Frankly speaking, I think it just like normal BB cream; considering as a good BB cream because it doesn't make my skin turns grayish or yellowish.  But it is convenient and easy go go product especially for outdoor and travel. I love this when I was makeup on air-plane. It is all in one so I can skip the basic makeup steps. Other than that, it does not cause my skin any irritations or breakouts. The texture of this BB Cream does not makes my skin cakey even I put one more layer on the part for better coverage.  


By the way, Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion will be officially launches in all Etude House outlets in Malaysia start from September 2013. Available in 2 shades, Natural Beige W13 & Honey Beige W24.

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    1. If you buy the refill on Etude House´s own site for 10 USD, then you can see if you want to buy the package after trying it.

  2. looks exactly like the laneige BB cream cushion =O

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