Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[Review] Payot Hydra Perfection BB Cream

Bonjour mes beaux lecteurs ♥♥♥

Today I am going to share my review on Payot Hydra24 Perfection BB Cream in shade No.1 Light. This product was kindly given for review purpose. :)

Payot Hydra(24) Perfection BB Cream

If you're read my previous post (here) about Payot new products launch, Payot BB Cream is one of the new product that Payot going to on sale start from July 2013 at all Payot beauty salons. 

Okay, back to topic.
Let's talk about Payot BB Cream's package design.

The package design of Payot Hydra(24) Perfection BB Cream is just like majority BB Creams you can see in drugstores or beauty/cosmetic counters; a normal tube design. It's come in a nice shade of light blue tube. This product is convenient and easy to control the right amount when apply on. However, I do not like the lid design as it's too tight (well, it's should be a cool design) but I am having problem when open with it because of the tightness and each time when I opened, I hate to see a tiny amount of liquid comes out as this BB Cream is more watery.
(Sorry I forgot to capture when this product was opened)

Package design; nice light blue shade in tube design

Texture part.

I love the texture of this BB Cream. This BB Cream is a liquid form type of cream. It is lightweight, easy to penetrate, blend-well and non-tacky. The best way to describe this product. This BB Cream also has a nice scent of smell yet it does include some fragrance inside and the scent very lasting too (average 3 to 4 hours "for me"). This product is suitable for medium to light coverage, performing a natural end result with mattifying effect.

Perhaps you might think is it suitable for sensitive skin? Yes, sensitive skin also can use this but for better recommendation, find a dermatologist for an advice before trying any product. No else, who call your skin yet so sensitive?! No offensive, its true fact. Chillax babe :)

Three types to show; Drop, Drag & Tap

Drag the BB Cream to test the enrichment and how well does this product blends

As you can see at the picture above, the liquid is draging quite a long way. It means the enrichment of this BB Cream is low and very well to blend. I tried on my face and hand, its show the same result like what I mentioned. 

Texture on my face
Capture with flash so it's quite bright. But nevermind, as you still can see the texture and the facial's hair, lol. Never expected clearly seen on this picture. Hahaha...

If you're wish to clearly see the texture, you may clicks for larger view. I did not scale this picture. :)

Comparison before and after using Payot Hydra Perfection BB Cream in shade No.1 Light.
Okay, I know my face has nothing to shows a big different but as you can see after my skin is more flawless and has a natural coverage.

Cleansing part.

I am very partial to cleansing part especially after back from outside with make-up on. Dirty environment plus skins need a breath after several hours blocking to perform the best metabolism, any dirt left may causes black/white-heads, acne and other skin problems. Who said you clean your face considers as clean? How about if any cosmetics still left on your skin even after you has washed your face? Hahaha!!! Gotcha!! Therefore, I am also very partial with the ingredients used inside of a cosmetic.

I use a matte glossy transparent paper to try Payot BB Cream to determines how stubborn of the ingredients stay on our skin.  First, I dragged (spread) the BB cream and then I using a normal cleansing wipe (no make-up remover formula) to wipe of the texture. As you can see the second picture (middle) does not left any BB Cream on the paper as well as the third picture (right); normal water cleansing. 

Perhaps you might think, "Cheh!! Wipe on glossy paper of course will wipe away the entire product away?!"

Yeah!! At first I also have the same in my mind but I am reviewing two different types of BB cream (one is this) in a same time, I reviewed with the same method but the result shows differently than this. So, this method proves me right *yay!! 

Want to know the second product I reviewing in a same time? Keep an eye on my upcoming posts. :)

*click for larger view :)

Let's move to final finishing

What I think?
As I mentioned, I hate the lid design as it is tight, makes me split out a tiny amount of BB Cream every time when I opened. Basically I should not blame of the design but no else, I love the texture, watery and easy to blend while has a natural coverage (medium to light) yet has a nice light fragrance scent and very lasting too.

My first impression when I saw the color of this BB Cream was kinda dark to me and I started question whether I took the wrong shade but it proves me wrong because although it might looks dark and yellowish,  this BB Cream easily to blend in to natural shade of my skin. 

So far so good, this BB Cream does not cause any irritations or breakouts to me. The texture of this BB Cream does not makes my skin cakey even I put one more layer on the part for better coverage. The color of this texture blends in very well with my skin tone and the oil control's considers as normal, still tad oily after 3 to 4 hours. For lasting part, erm... consider as normal too; lesser product on face after several hours (depending on situation and condition). 


End this post with a picture of me :)