Friday, July 5, 2013

Fly to Hong Kong with 5 Mary Kay Winners

Bonjour~ ♥♥

Still remember Mary Kay was organized a beauty contest, “One Woman Can” in conjunction with their 50th anniversary that I posted before? (you can read here and here)

As I mentioned before, this contest will allows you to bring out the best of yourself and be given a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Hong Kong to attend the star-studded Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest where the next cover girl of Mary Kay Asia will be chosen!

After waiting for one month, 'FIVE' finalist have finally official released.

Let's drum roll to........................

The 5 winners are StephanieSiti ShielaSiew LeeShahira and Yusrina.

Congratulation girls!! Excited to see you girls and other countries finale(s) soon on 14th August 2013, ICC building at Sky100! At 100 floors above the ground with the iconic Hong Kong . :)

View the winners album here: Mary Kay 5 Finalist Winners
For more upcoming update, please do visit to Mary Kay Malaysia (Facebook)

I will join the 5 winners to Hong Kong for grand finale!!
Excited or not? Means I will be there too (Hong Kong) as Malaysia blogger as well as a media. \(^o^)/
YES!! Is me!! The face below LoL flying to there too with the five pretties.

Looking forward to my upcoming post. More surprises will coming. :D



  1. Babe! So lucky you're going HK for the finale.. Enjoy yourself there and shop lots k.. Cant wait to read about your experience there!


  2. Whoa~ sounds great! Look forward to your post about this trip!

  3. wow.. this is a one great opportunity. Hope you enjoy there. :)

  4. waii... congrats girl! i wan to follow stuff me in your luggage wokay :)

  5. So cool that you being sponsored to Hong Kong with the prettie gals. Enjoy your holiday there! =)

  6. We can't wait to have you come to Hong Kong for our event! We've been busy planning and organizing an exciting trip for you all!

    Mary Kay Asia Pacific

  7. @ Jocy Tan, sure. so stay tuned babe :D

  8. @Sunshine Kelly, come come. Come jump in my luggage. Overweight you pay arr. Hahaha

  9. @Mary Kay Asia Pacific,

    cant wait to see all celebrities and girls there. :D