Friday, May 31, 2013

Zombie need to be pamper as well

Hello my darling......

Finally is coming!!! A party that I'm waiting till my neck long from The Butterfly Project, a beauty community based in Malaysia where gather independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers geared toward inspiring everyone around us.

Ehem... I straight to the point.... Is a SPA PARTY!!!

Omo!! Omo!! Wanna join the party?
Then keep on reading and you could be invite too. ↖(^ω^)↗ *oh yeah 2x
*Make sure you have to be fast-acting because the entry is end on 1st June 2013

The Butterfly Project is collaborating with TEN collaborators to make the spa party happen on 29th June 2013 at Posh! Nail Spa, KL (full address refer to the poster above) with dress code, bathrobes & flip flops.
Wah!! Wah!! Me definitely can't wait already!!

Anyway, remember to pay a visits and giving a 'like' to all collaborators for future news and also qualification for party invite. *thumb up

Posh! Nail Spa

Idea Food Solution


Tres Chic Party Planner

The Body Shop Malaysia

so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®

Havaianas Malaysia


TT Mask Malaysia

The reason why I wanna join the party:-

1. A step to become a 'Xiu Lai Lai' (Dowager) #lol

The main reason why I want to join the spa party is because I know my future life will be a dowager therefore I need to start building my elegance image, enjoying  events and party and pampering myself. The Spa Party is just suit what I want!! 

 Stop dreaming!! *slap slap  
(T.T) Okay.... actually I just wish to escape from my stressful schedule work. A designer life already makes my time upside down plus when I'd take serious about my passionate and hobby (blogging).... Lagi sleep nono!! And I can't do what supposedly a dowager should be (shopping, hi-tea, pampering). So please let me become a short-time dowager for only few hours. >.<

2. I want to be the photo-bomber of the day

Omo!!! Feeling excited already when thinking about it, lol. 
Imagine 50 female bloggers gather in one place and play camwhore here and there sumore got Fotobox, the digital photobooth service. Lagi best!! Okay, perhaps when the bloggers are playing in the photobooth me can't fit inside to photobomb them or maybe been kick out by them but I still have many chances to photobomb, like quickly cross-over when they're camwhoring, put my head fit into frame corner or pose a 'V' on their head. Wuhoo!! Wuhoo!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Ehem... I know I am annoying... Just treat me like a kampung girl who just baru came to city. LOL

3. Can be pretty and Makan yum yum
The spa party not only provides free manicure service by Posh! but also giving out free beauty goodies. How can I say no for TT Mask (you can read my review here), The Body Shop, Johnson's and, a freebies website. 

Other than that, Pink n' Proper, the pretty clothes e-shop and even Havaianas Flip-flops join too. Lastly, the most important one.... which is foods!!!!! I love foods, foods is my heaven in reality. Sumore Idea Food Solution is the one who prepares for the party, must be very yum yum one. Omg!! My saliva (¯﹃¯) 

In conclusion, the Spa Party is pampering yourself from head to toe even stomach too. Can I say no? Can I say no? Absolutely NO WAY to me for not joining. *i will bang my head if yes

Here's are the reason why I want to join the party. I want pampering, meet friends and makan!!
Pretty please give me to join this party. I want to join this party badly. If not I will cry in front of you saying you're the one who bullying me. Muahahahahaha... *kidding

So are you interested too?
Refer this link for more information and remember be fast because the submission dead-line is end on 1st June 2013. Hurry up!! Wait no more!! 

Till then...


  1. I see what you did there~~~ Photobomb *grin*

  2. Hahhahahha... My pattern lol... I neo I am annoying. Hehe