Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Red Lip Roses

Hola!!! Welcome to my bloggie with her new clothes inspired by ROSES. 

So say yeah to my new blogskin which was inspired by roses after I watched LeeHi new music video, Rose. Definitely is my favorite song from iTune now. The music video filmed in very artistic way and of course do not compare me with LeeHi because me definitely lose one and our way of style is different too although this blogskin was inspired by her.

This blogskin has a name calls 'The Red Lip Roses', a sudden idea popped out from my mind. And this time I broke myself a record which I only using 3 to 4 hours to made my blogskin including pictures editing and coding but excluding pre-preparing time. Perhaps I did not changed my content post and sidebar background so these make me easier to work with code. :)

Comparing with the previous blogskin (*pic below), this 'The Red Lip Roses' is way more jappy and complicated than the previous one which was about simple and spacing look. If you keen to know more  the concept and idea behind of my previous blogskin just click here to read.

Still familiar with this blogskin?
Please start fit your eyes with my new blogskin now.

I made a DIY Roses Mask to makes this blogskin happened. I bet some of you guys may ask, "Why is mask? not headband?" The answer is quite simple, "I just want to be different than other." And floral headband never appeared in my mind when I thinking about the idea and concept at that time. Sound weirdo huh?

But I facing problem when come to photoshoot session by myself using my helpful remote control. I was like a blind girl posing there and pressing my remote non-stop for the best look. Sound crazy and self-extreme right? but I enjoyed it....

Sound hardworking? Nope.... There's more....
I also sketched out makeup draft to for the best looks.

Roses Mask made by myself. I shall reuse it on next advertising post.

Ombre bold red lip with black eyeliner and shimmering highlight on center.

I should say wow on how hydrating of my lipgloss. Pure and sweet pink ombre lips.

Tangerine orange with shimmering highlight on inner lips.

What I have add on this blogskin?
1. Navigation Bar - More categorize and easier to search in this blog (Still haven't updating yet)
2. Slideshow - For important post that I hope you guys will keep on eyes more
3. Adv Place - Makes my advertise banner to be more attractive and easier to spot
4. Micro changes- Some code to makes this blogskin and content neater, just ignore it

That's all about my new blogskin. Shall catch back all my delayed post. By the way, just keep on stalking my blog because Giveaway Marathon will makes you guys full of surprising and happiness. More info will be post out soon. Lastly, a picture that I think should be share out :D #syoksendiri



  1. nice!! i like you new blogskin!
    can teach me how to make this:P

  2. Thanks Jolie. Erm... You must know well about html and css first before u wantto learn it and perhaps simple basic layout u should start first, not like mine here. :D

  3. omg so so pro lah wei!!!! Can I hire you? ;) hahaha

  4. Dear Yuh Jiun, lol.. nola... I'm not pro, just slightly more expect than others lololololo XD

    Sorry, busy schedule don't allow me to earn money thru from my skill. :D

  5. you're so talented.tha's so pretty~ :D

  6. i love your new blogskin so sexy n classy!

  7. Thanks Mizu Chan :D
    Someone is appreciating my skill. :D

  8. Babe Illy, I'm sexy and I know it. #lol XD