Sunday, April 28, 2013

PUMA Evolution of Suede Finale Party

Hola peeps, I'm attended an event, 'Puma Sued Party' which was happened zillion years ago and I'm only post it out now. It's okay, better late than never #lol #selfcomforting  Oh yeah, almost forgot give a credit to Fishiee who brought the tickets for me. Thanks babe :D

Jom recap what was happening that night....

The Evolution of Suede Finale Party was held at Capsquare Hall, Kuala Lumpur that I've never been before, marks a grand celebration of the PUMA Suede’s 45th year in changing the game and the release of the Future Suede. Puma collabration with Raising the Bar, sponsored by Tiger and Smirnoff.

The party was big party who are crowded by bloggers, media and celebrities such as James Baum, Nadhira, Zain Saidin, DJ Anowl, Julie Woon and more.... hosted by Mr. Dan and Shikara. All of them are dressed in stylo wear, definitely a party night for stylo people. The night showcased the work of art of 30 artistic people whom envisioned the 2058 Future Suede and brought it to life.

#Capquare Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Outfit of the day :D

Crowded place everywhere. Everyone was busied socializing. 

I brought my friends with me, Amelie. She's definitely not a stylo people but a sweet people.

Camwhoring at backdrop props, with gaint puma shoes and heavy accessories. :D

#livedesigning puma shoes

30 pairs of artistic shoes.


This is what I want.... spikes!!! I'm wore the same pieces but different brand at that day :D

Gaint shoes!!! XD

The Host, Mr.Dan and Shikara


The beatboxer, Koujee

With babe that night, Lily Ariffin. 

Live graffiti of the day.  *claphands

End this post with the master of the shoes. He is damn funny guy #lol.