Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Just Gorgeous, Just You" by Guardian

Should update my blog first before I pack all my stuffs for a trip in just few hours more. Quite looking forward about it since this my first time having a trip with bloggers and my bff too, lol #SoundsSakaiRIGHT? But in a same time, I need to let go one of my favorite brand event. *sad max
Need to get update from blogger friends who has join after back from trip.

Like usual, a selca before starting a post / went to a event. #girlfact *yay!!
Selca is the chio picture ever!!!

Anyway, I'm attended an awesome 'Just Gorgeous' makeover party at One-Utama Old Wing Court, Ground Floor Concourse. Did you pay a visit too? If not, please be hurry because there's many amazing deals and free makeover session waiting at you that makes your jaw drop. No doubt!! Thank you Butterfly Project and Guardian Malaysia for the invited to Media Launch of the Great Guardian Makeover 2013, "Just Gorgeous, Just You"

"Customers who purchased a minimum of RM 30 from any Guardian stores including one product from the sponsors were entitled to purchase a RM 10 ticket for the makeover which comes with a goodie bag upon registration consisting of products from the participating brands plus saving coupons worth more than RM 80 in value !"

Everyone was queuing for registering to join the makeover party.

Opening ceremony by three ladies posing then started to dance and turns to beautiful butterflies.
A nice concept as encouragement for ladies. 

Make up and hairdo services are provided by A Cut Above Academy.

Many peoples are waiting for their turns for makeover transformation.

Esther started her makeover session.

While looking for our turns to have makeover, camwhore with Illy. I always meet her in coincidence. Perhaps this call fate, huh? Btw, I love her being so friendly and talkative. 

Thanks A Cut Above Academy reserved for us to makeover first without queuing. Thank q!!!

I already did my own make-up before heading to this event, so I just requested for hairdo. Since I have braid on my front bang, so my hair stylish of the day just did curling to my hair. Thanks. :D 

Oh my!!! My hair color fading!! I should dye my hair already. Purple this time?!?! 

So fast Illy done her's make-up and hairdo. I'm still on the half way. 

While waiting my hair to done, continue selca-ing without shame. Learn from my master of unshameful. *lol

Mai Sarah and I. We done our hairdo. Her curl suits her but mine.... I think I'm not suitable for curl. Waiting my medium hair turns to long hair first if I won't feel itchy go for haircut.

After makeover session, of course is the time to capture down the moment we had done. We went to photobooth for free photography session.

KahMon posing for the best picture outcome.

Feeling uncomfortable with the camera man. End up laughing for no reason. *lol

 While waiting for the picture ready to pick up after one hour. We heading to Petite Mille to had our brunch provided by Guardian.

Bloggers and Media are enjoying their meal masing-masing. :D

Thank you for the meal. Gamsahabnida (∩_∩)

Food porn, Pumpkin soup. Btw, this meal was not belonging to me. Just capture for fun. hehehehe...

So, this is mine appetizer, Garden Salad. I just realized that I am more to carnivore human. >.<


This baru my taste, Shoulder Lamb. lolololololol.....

The dessert. (¯﹃¯)

After taking my meal, back to the event and grabbed mine photo ready.  This photo turns out blur, still confusing why choosing this since is blur. Perhaps this is the prettiest one gua.....

Received a 50 bucks voucher from Guardian. Yay!! 
Gives to my mom for healthy supplement. 

Lastly, a post of goodies bag I had received. 
It's super heavy when bringing this bag along to anywhere but really appreciated when they're so generously giving goods from face to toe including inner part too. How caring Guardian was.



  1. I like ur hair colour :) dun think i will suit having pink hair though :p my picture from the photobooth is blur too :(

  2. Wah... I tot myself was the midnight cat only. Lol
    Thanks babe, my hair color faded so I am thinking a a new hair color. Anyway, regreted not camwhore wit u while having brunch wit u.
    The photographer ada problem. Hahahahah

  3. happy to meet you again n again :) Hope to bump again in the future :)

  4. Wow, that's a really generous goodie bag! :D

  5. The curls looks nice :D From behind looks very dolly! Nice meeting you that day ^^

  6. I should have go that day :( Btw sorry ahhhh hahaha being so shy to talk to you in genting :P!

  7. Heya!! Loving your red hair and the pics =) Hope to bump into each other again!

  8. hhello leng lui. Just checking out your blog. Ya, i had to take turns talking to people in Genting.. Best way to meet new people. Kekeke.

  9. @LauraLeia, yea. Too generous but too heavy in same time lol.

  10. @Chuen, look dolly from behind but look aunty from front T.T.
    Nice to meet you too that day. Let's bump together for another brunch. :D

  11. @Yuh Jiun, I kept on stalking you that day at Genting. I tot u the other person that day coz she auto came greeting me. Anyway, let's bump in party next time. :D

  12. @estherlai, thanks babe. Sure. :D

  13. @CY, wah!!! So talkative arr u... lol... But I jealous from you coz I don't dare to do that. :(