Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bag Of Love, Invitation to Unboxing Tea Party

*picture credited to Delectable by Su

No one could say no to adorable yummy cake and beauty bag............... at least myself are the one.

Butterfly Project is collaborating with Bag of Love and Delectable by Su, hosting a Tea Party for the debut April Edition of Bag of Love. Little information of Bag of ♥, a delivery beauty box... bag in Malaysia by only subscribing. It's easy, convenient and surprising. Bag of Love is giving away 50 bags to 50 bloggers for review and out of 50 and 30 bloggers will be selected to 'Unboxing Tea Party' at Delectable by Su, cute yummy dessert house at Paradigm Mall.

Now I only noticed should write a blogpost for it. The retribution of a lazy people who only using 'scan' method when reading T&C.

I would love to join too because....

1. Say yes to Eco Green
April Edition of Bag of Love ('s) theme is back to nature. The bag is eco-friendly, made of bleach-free canvas and the products inside were also of recycled non-woven material. Though delicate, the bag is extremely heavy-duty!

I saw many bloggers reviewed on many kind of beauty box with different theme every month but this time was special mostly because it's all about nature, eco and green. I am super love this idea because its a beauty comes with eco idea. Say yes to Eco Green, Minimize Paper & Plastic Usage for better future.

2. It's a bag, not a box
I love the idea when it comes with a bag not a box because a box can't do many things than a bag. I can reuse and label the bag so I can have more spaces and looks neater.

*picture credited to Delectable by Su

3. A girl who addicted on every adorable dessert
Desserts are sweet and yummy. It''s always bring happiness to me when biting it. When I heard Delectable By Su is taking part in this project, my widen smile never close for about an hour. I heard many good compliments about Delectable by Su but I never visit to their shop so I'm actually quite looking forward on it if I am invite to the Tea Party. It's double up the fun. Imagine adorable yummy cupcakes.... sweet aroma surrounding me... Omo!!! My saliva.... lolololololololol

*picture credited to Google Resource

4. It's a Doll Party
When I was still a little girl.... me always make a tea party for my Barbie(s). Choosing nice outfit and shoes for them, style their hair and matching accessories. And now is the time to makes this to reality.... is my time to doll up myself just like what I did to my Barbie(s) but no more self-conversation, it's a real conversation now.... hahahaaha.... Try imagine live-doll at a sweet places... Aww!!! How sweet!!!

5. Is a socialization between bloggers
The main reason why I want to join was because is a tea party for me and bloggers. Start to getting know each other, gather and sharing experience together and the most important, breathing in the same air lololololololol.... This would be sweet and memorable party ever, I do believe.

Let's squealing in delight together, click here if you would like to join too. :D
Cheers babe.

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