Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seventh Feb

MIA for about one week and finally I am back to home!!! Wwweeeee.....
By the way, hello lovely~~

Lazy to touch my laptop and I very proud that blogger released blogging app that make my day more easier. Now only open the app and start blogging.,!

Few more days to Chinese New Year. Wwweeeeee~~~
This year I have my CNY celebration at my home, not hometown and I am happy about this change because I hate unmovable traffic jam!!!
AND I can't wait to wear all my new clothes & stuffs and eat all wrong foods!!! Haha.

Anyway, my new semester of school already started about a week ago but I keep disappearing, no else.... MIA. Something I started worried about is about my Final Year Project. Omo!!! I never imagine this moment could come so fast, as fast as the second when you turn your head back. Still considering which minor I should focus on as my final project. I wish to done this project by myself better than a team cause team actually makes me quite tired and could have lots of nonsense unhappy things happen. The extreme cons!!!

Skip from my study life!
I have just finish systematization labels in my blog. I re-label again by one word to describes all my old labels, some posts might have three or four but not more than six labels in one post.

The others is add "continue reading" which is called as 'jump break'or "Auto-Pagination", means when you set a limit posts that supposed to shows in your blog but with crazy number of words and pictures of one posts could actually 'layering'/ blocking the other posts.

Actually, I found this problem happening to my blog once upon a time ago but I did not know why this shit things happen until Xiaxue had  wrote about this problem at her recent post.

Oooohhhhh...........!!!!!!!!!!! This is the f*ck thing when I updated a long posts (Magazine Scan & Advertises), the below entry post was disable in my main blog except linking into it.

(The case makes nightmare to Xiaxue, perhap even worse and she decided to move her blog from Blogger to Wordpress) but I found that Wordpress actually also have this kind of problem like Blogger did.

I have to admit this changes could brings lots of problem to bloggers who did not wish to change. The worst is this system is not an optional, so we just only have two choices to pick from if you wish to continue blogging with mouth of bullshit words and pictures, either put in 'jump-break' or back to journal world and takes your journal out and call people reading it. #lol

Actually one more way, less word and pictures or only put 'jump-break' to long post. DONE!!

So, I'd done putting this setting in every posts excepts the old hard-to-see and no-points posts at the very beginning I started blogging. IS SUPER TIRING but in a same time I enjoyed reading my lame post too. #lol

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