Thursday, February 21, 2013

Neon Addict-tor

Neon is awesome!! Attention-Grabbing is awesome!!! I love wore clothes that special and makes everyone turns their head back just to spot the thingy I wore or brought with only two types, amazed praise or bitch criticizer. thefactoflife.jpg

I had to said Neon colors do some magic to me. Whenever I saw neon piece I could never leave my sight from them, except sucks design. So here are some of my favorite outfit of neon pieces.

This neon dress really worth although is bit pricey. Why? Because the material was not really great enough but somehow I felt in love with the combination of the leather collar and sleeve end.

What my mummy commented? , "A brave and crazy combination. This is too sharp"
What my daddy commented? , "You won't poke in the night. If yes, just poke them back with your durian (myshoes)."

A photo-picture that I posted on Instagram. I really love the design of this sunnies.

So here is the more clear version that I took using my DLSR. 
Anyway, the eye-cons that I wore in here is 3 tone puffy grey. Yeap!!! A dramatic eyecons.

Of course not to forgot about my neon polka-dots nail design that I drew myself. I bought the nail color from..... erm.... I duno where.... just a random shop.

The other favorite part, neon socks with my studded shoes. This pair really heart me and hurt you too if you makes me piss. haha.

Retro Vintage Sunnies from SW SUPER || Messy Long Necklace from Dazzling Couture || 
 Dress (Leather Collar & Sleves-End) from Hong Kong || Purse-Bag from Cute4UShop || 
 Neon Socks from Ebay || Studed Leather Shoes from China