Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things Made My Week

Omo!! Is the end of January 2013, definitely the last short post of this month.

Anyway, one more week to ang ang Chinese New Year.
Snacks, Ang Pao(s), Firecrackers and Siblings & Relatives. Can't wait for wearing my new clothes. Wuhoo!!!!

Just make sure yourself not getting sick before Chinese New Year cause you have no time to do so. #lol

Things that made my week:-

Pheww.... Luckily Mr.Unwell-Sick went back to his hometown for celebration. Drugs from doctor and pharmacy and Panadol Menstrual. This was my very first time taking menstrual drugs!!! I never expected that this medicine could save me. Perhaps I am sicked therefore my menstrual was pain like hell!! Seriously!! No joke!!! I'm understand what was the feeling when a girl having menstrual pain.

2. Fiber Drinks 
Fiber Drinks are mine main supply for the day I was on my bed for boosting back vitamins. Bio Green Pink Lady Oatmilk mixing up with BioGreen Black Sesame or a cup of cereal drink helps me will not looks so pale and more energetic for whole day, so I had an energy to play my handy smartphone and tablet. #lol

3. Wet Tissue 
Trust me?!?! I never wash my dirty face every morning and night except I had my bath when I am sick because....... erm..... no mood to do so.... So I just grab a piece of wet tissue to wipe of the oil from my face. Even I do not wash my face but I still cannot tahan oily face geh.

 Now I am full recover so I can back to my actual plan now. Yay!!! Houyeh!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~
Gonna sign off now. Bubye. Muacks....


  1. Happy chinese new year in advance :D

  2. Thanks babe:D Chinese New Year too... Sure bought alot of pretty clothes... Lol