Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reader Digest's Scam

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Haven't got much to write about today. So I keep it as short as possible. Been laying on bed from day to the next day lately cause I found 'Mr.Unwell-Sick' visited me for one week, and I had no energy to do anything when I get sick. Except handy smartphone and tablet beside me to catch up news on social networks and games.  ╮(╯﹏╰)╭

I received  a letter from Reader Digest saying I won RM800k?!?! Omo!! This is ridiculous... I was laying on sofa at that time and my mum passed the letter to me. I checked the company's name first before I continued reading the rest. I heard about Reader Digest before, perhaps some of you might not heard about it, Reader Digest is a general interested family magazine, published monthly by subscribing with payment.

Okay. I started believing me that I could become the one of the lucky person between all but keep in mind, there's must be any 'small words' they actually mentioned in the letter but with very cheat style. So, I do not let myself miss reading any single word on the letter and I found that I need to pay RM148 for one year magazine subscription to qualifies myself to final. Perhaps the total amounts are not expensive but I think this might be a starts to cheat your money.

Of course, now a day internet world really helps us to solve our problems. I searched about this news whether is true or not, I found that this can be consider as scam. This competition?? Can I consider it as competition ? Ermm... Whatever... is true but only one or two people will win the prizes among all people who joined after you spent many money on every time to qualified yourself to the next stage and end up win nothing then crying till eyes pain.

What next?
Throw the letter away and pretend like never see it before but I quite amazed the technique how they pursue us subscribing their magazine with real notification letter sumore have cheques and a key inside. Somehow, this action makes subscribers getting hurt and lost their trusted. Believing on retribution on featured.

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People must be confuse how could they get the details?

No worry, whatever they sent by mail, email or text messages, they always only have full name and address, not even more than that except you being hacked or selling details from trusted company. We should always keep in mind, 'nothing is free in this world'even you won a big lottery also need to bought the ticket number first before you have a chance to won the prizes.

*Taken medicine, Sleep YesYes, Bye YesYes

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