Monday, January 14, 2013

Personal Shopping with Chuckei

A full snapshot with a famous blogger, Chuckei at a Topshop event.

I too bored to giving excuses every time I'm blogging about a belated post. No doubt?! I'm alien who always busy plus Chinese New Year is around the corner. #lol. Anyway, this event was in November last year and I'm only covering now #wtf. 

Thanks TopShop for the inviting to attended Chuckei Personal Shopping Season to sharing about her fashion sense and some joke lol. Chuckei honestly is true person. Erm... I mean she looks more prettier than her photo picture. If she said she definitely not photoshop-ing all her photo pictures I will trust it for sure.

Anyway, some sudden random that show my make up of the day~ 
This make up look makes my eyes even bigger and cleaner with super drama natural brown contact lens, mad love with this gyaru eyes of the day.

So , this is her full body snapshot. She's a tall person in real life plus she wore high heel makes her looks even taller. She also have super flawless face. Damn envy?!?!

Another snapshot of Chuckei when been interviewed about her fashion and introduction about Christmas collection of TopShop. 
Ooopppsss... This collection already passed and I only share about it now. #ohmyladygaga

SuperMiao who was Chuckei's bf and her with two fans~ Don't you think likes a family? #lol

Some snapshot of TopSHop that I took on that day....

These lovely jeans were attracted me the most. I end up bought two pieces home but never touched it after all. Damn... Just found myself always had problem when I crazy shopping.

This ombre jeans looks the nicest between all. I love the color and the little spikes on the right side.

My ootd of the day with ombre shorts. 

Did you spot my dirty fancy dipdye hair? 
The colors were plum, hot pink, purple, turquoise and blue. 
I end up chopped all the fancy colors due I got a new job which is I have to deal with principle of school therefore the very basic wearable is a must. #noelsefamilybusiness  (╯﹏╰)

Another extreme love of myself to shows you guys #lol

I met AshOhTonic too at the event. 
I really love her Korean style which was very lovely and fashionable.

Actually, I lack of words when I write this post. I uploaded all chosen photo pictures and then arranged them in place but I did not know hows to explain the days happening to you guys. In conclusion, I had fun at the end #ofcourse #lol #kthxbye #signoff


  1. Hi :) can i know what lens are u wearing in this event? it's so natural and pretty!

  2. thank you for replying :) have a nice day! <3