Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Faithed Blue (New BlogSkin)

Hello my lovely.... 
Wait!!! Don't get confused!!!
You are not entering the wrong site... only my bloggie got hers brand new clothes. lol
No doubt. I am the tailor of the clothes.

This is how the view on mobile version just like the web version.

This time blogskin was not complicated like previous blogskin (down there). It's blue color but more to white actually and I called it 'Faited Blue'. This blogskin was looks more spacey and no more jappy floral thingies.

Anyway, there's some of widgets had been removed due this blog's theme was spacey therefore no more lotsa widgets you can see. I remove bubble talks of my twitter and tumblr. No worry, my instagram was in optimized social tabs (4 in 1), just scroll down and you can see it.

And I also resize my adsense sponsored boxes (haven't do yet because after finishes blogging me have a dinner with my friends, perhaps after my yummy dinner lol) from one big boxes to 266px X 266px cut into half and two adsense in one row. 

Thanks sponsored for understanding me. By the way, if you wish to put adsense into my blog, very welcome to contact me thechency@gmail.com. Adsense banner design service also available too. :D 

The previous blogskin that I had made. I took it from instagram because I forgot to printscreen before apply the new one. =.="

You guys always wonder why I love to change my blogskin so much. 

I am easy-bored person therefore me not really talking with new peoples but in real I'm not?! Okay... out of topic... I also easily get bored to thingies ONLY... no living things include lol... So, I change my stuff whenever I started getting bored to it. The other reason is my passionate to design. 

If you wish to hired to someone to design your blog or others, perhaps you can contact me if you like :D thechency@gmail.com

*Off to dinner. Bubye (∩_∩)

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