Saturday, December 22, 2012

Omo!!! WTF happen to My Face

The world still yet no end so I have to keep on updating my blog-post and a lot of interesting entry waiting me to post out. 
Haiz.... Story too much to create #wtf #lol

And to all Chinese peoples, Happy MidWinter Day or else was Happy Winter Solstice.... 
Quite confusing to be spoken of but nevermind..... 冬至快乐, guys.... although already end...#wtf

This is my skin condition right after of hardily battle with assignment. No!!! Should be say this condition just happen start from yesterday!!! Omo!! omo!!! 

I just notice this super big case right after before me wanted to take a bath. I noticed that my skin become reddish. #wtf 
Super sad la wei... I don't know what to do?!?!?!

The other side.... Same too!!!! I don't want my face broken!!!! No!!!!

Guys.... any solution about it? Some of readers said that Cheesie faced the same problem before so they called me maybe can asking her for solution. I saw the post about her skin problem before but I do not hope been recovery by taking medicine. Any other solutions? Please... T.T

By the way, Comic Fiesta is tomorrow!!! See you guys tomorrow. 
Bye bye.

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