Monday, November 19, 2012

My Geek Life


Squeezing a personal post today.

Yay!!! I back to my Instagram again. If you still haven't follow, welcome you to click here > @thechency

The reason I more active on my social life, twitter and instagram (no facebook) because I can't hang out anywhere started from last week because my dad seized my hot chili (car) with a reason, "I hang-out too much!!!" 
Other than that, my pocket money also being control. *madsad


My life turns into geek life. Yes!! I want to be a geek. Watching porn everynight.
Lol #justkidding #whysoserious #runningmanaddict-er

By the way, good news to shares when I'm turn to a geek. Guess what? I won #NNShutterBugs14Days #BackInTime challenge from @NuffnangMy.

Hooray!!! Thanks @NuffnangMy.
But I don't know what the prize will get for this challenge. Lololololol     #GeekLifeStyle

Me and the competitors. 

Extra life images of  myself. Lol

And also not forgotten about my ass-signment as well.

While doing my assignment, open my ipad for catching up facebook news for assignment, open my galaxy tab for instagram and tweeting (galaxy talks), means my hand and my eye facing on my assignment then my mouth eating snacks and after finish my bites talking to galaxy to update my tweet. Lol

Busy right?

But I end up touching my galaxy tab more than my laptop. #badass

See?!?! My prove!!!! Still no finish painting my pretty chick, Megan Fox.
Btw, I do working on my 2D animtion and my flash game in a same time too. (time not ripe to showing yet)

And............... GAMER!!!!!

Gamer!!! If you know this game, welcome you to add my ID '猜不透' and play with me. XD

I love this game... This is a good game when I do not want to touch my assignment.
Come come.... Play with me.... #lol #game

Sign off.

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