Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fear Factor Fearless Challenge

Ola lalalalalalalala~

“Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!” 

Loving to watch Fear Factor show? Love the truly expressions of participators when they facing the challenge and me start wonder if Malaysia could also have this challenge too. Good news!!! Astro’s Fear Factor Malaysia will be showing start from this December 2012 at Astro Ria (104) hosting by Aaron Aziz (Cute Macho Guy).

Between the participators, Hafizul Kamal and Hefny Sahad are my favorite and the most promising team that me watched on their 'CV'. I believe they could win this competition because they look confident and their 'stamina' looks strong enough to defeat others because fear factor burns lot of stamina too other than fear. By the way, don't you think they look cute and macho too. Lolololololololol...... *sigh

Question: “What your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?”

Erm.... Let's me think.... I think only two thingy that actually can make me stunned!!!! 

If this I still can accept it and saying this thingy is cute. I mean on images not soft toy or anything.


if this appear in front of my sight eye.........
(I aldy find the cutest lizard on google image)

*bing blang bling blang (black scene at the moment)

I hate LIZARD!!!! I remember when me still a little cute girl, the moment when I went to bathroom to brushed my teeth....... I saw XXXXXXXXL than the image above standing beside me.

I am not screaming straightly when I saw the thingy, I told to myself to calm down and not to moved. I called mummy to helped me shoo the thingy away and my bro noticed the lizard.

I said to my bro helped me to shoo the lizard away and guess what?!?!

Mean I am inside the bathroom!!!!
F*CK!!!! I screamed loudly and started crying.

The lizard was go away but after that, me to lizard is from
"I do not care if you want to stay here as long as you do not touch me!!" 



This is how the relationships between me and the lizard.... not..... is all LIZARDS.

The second is HIGH!!! I have phobia start from when I had came to this world. But I dare to play flying fox, the space shot and roller coaster and I am planning to play bungy jump and paragliding in future. But when you call me to cross this..... I was like..... =.=

NO!!!! NEVER!!!!!

Perhaps actually I am phobia to drawbridge? o.O I kind of blur but me still shaking when me on a high a place.

I do not like to cross a bridge even the bridge in Sunway Lagoon I had never successful cross in my life. I do not like the scenery from the drawbridge lor and I don't get it why people love to shake the bridge as well. #thinkingstillthinking

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