Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Won lottery

I crush my car!!! #wtf

This is the very first time I crushed my car but with a very stupid reason. I woke up preparing myself to college and I stepped on my pet’s shit!! My mood turns felling not that good after and I just pretend nothing happening. I end my first class at 9am and I decided to have some fun with my friends, so we end up went to singing KTV because we all are singing kaki. I found great singing kaki(s) already. Lol

Then of course jam la… 9am in the morning everyone preparing to work and suddenly ….. boom…. I crushed my car!!! Damn it!! I was finding my card in my wallet and my Math brain giving me the wrong formula. Okay!! I count the wrong formula?!?! I am forever alone person, lol but that day there was five persons (including me) in the car and of course the car become heavy therefore when I stop my car and I thought my car already fully stop but I never expect that the car still move slowly so I end up crash the front car…. erm… is lorry.

The fucking mind on that time was, “SHIT!!! My wallet money no no. How to handle this situation har?!?!”.


The kind friendly super good lorry DRIVER ignored me and just goes away like that. I love the lorry driver. *thumb.up&

I think he thinks his lorry is taller than my car so his lorry will not getting hurt but he will never expected that his car’s license plate only left the last number only (supposes has four numbers). Muahahahahhaa…

Luckily, my car also doesn’t matter.

Suddenly, one of my friends said, “Let’s buy lottery!! Your car just only has three numbers plus the lorry’s last number left then can buy lottery liao.”

Hmmm… Good idea… and we share money to buy…

Something miracle happens….

Muahahahahaha… We really won…

I never expected I did won lottery… Happy die me… lol

The very first time I bought lottery, the very first time I won lottery.

And I not forgotten to donate to helpless people but my mummy said mostly people who sit at street is been controlled by cheat corporation.


But I think is the heart and hope that I gave to the man. It’s worth it!! :D


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