Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waiting Tik tok Tik tok

I love front bang but it's seriously annoying me because I need to trim in overall one week one time. Perhaps my hair grow faster or the cutting length? But if front bang cuts too short, I end up very fugly for whole period time until the fugly bang become longer.

By the way, morning everyone~

I burning my midnight oil again which means my life getting shorter now. #fml

Just one more hour later then I should start to preparing myself to college for class. I am tired to continue ass-signments so I need to find somehing else to spend my time and YAY!! Blogging time...

Eye bag getting bigger, face become pale, lips no more berrylicious color, hair grow slower and yay!! my hair getting lesser too #wtf!!

My health conditions has worry me nowadays. Lack of vitamins taken plus with no proper metabolism. I getting a lot of comments said that I'm look like a blank human with no spirit with me.

Xia jie~~~!!! Wo dou bu xiand de arr....

This is the main reason my parents start combat for not taking degree after I finish my diploma. They told me that my future job is harder than others because I will spend a lot of time on sketches and then been ban by clients for several times then only can get low paid salary.

When I heard it, I just blank in the moment....

I am not getting mad because I know this is true... and my mouth is too tired to debate all those stuff. I rather ignore and continue what I suppose should do for now.

Sometimes when no one understand I just pretend me as transparent human. I rather hope you guys never try to understand me because I am not going to tell you guys also.

Sound emo?


I am just too mafan to explain again and again.... 

If you are the one who never asking the same question and makes me repeat again and again then find me, I'm sure will tell you one. But if you're not?!?!

Then shoo shoo~~~

Mouth too tired speaking with cycle words.
This makes me getting tired more to make sure you are in the situation. I rather get to sleep and play in dreamland & meets my boyfie.

Neh neh neh bu bu~~~ Blek blek blek....

Aha~ My dogs wake up!!! I can play with them already and going to annoy my little bro wake up ready to school.
Im'ma such an annoying bitch!! Lol
Sign off. ♥

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