Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunscreen Perfector

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Aha. This is my first time blogging using Samsung Tab. Quite easy to use but it's come trouble when I want to arrange my pictures here. By the way, I like the word recommendations system and auto corrections. Lol

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*Do you spot any weird on my picture above? ...not uneven skin tone on my face but body seriously do!! Anyway actually the weirdo is my eye. Lol

I think chicks are taking serious attention about their skin especially Asians chick because 'we' love fair skin tone. Therefore 'we' mostly using whitening products that also contains spf in a same time.

My country does not have four seasons, but tropical. When we apply cream base products with heavy texture, it's makes our skin more shine and burn easily if we stand under sun expose more than an hour because cream base product does contains oil that 'I' believe is the causes of uneven skin tone.

Therefore a good sunscreen really plays important roles to help me archives a fair even skintone. However, from my experiences I always end up bought creamy base sunscreen.


I still keep on searching and searching until Biore send me this super awful wonderful products.

Guess what? *drumroll


Biore UV Protection Series

What is the unique for this products?

The main different of Biore UV protections series is they are designed in Aqua base with non sticky & non greasy formula. The textures is very light but in high SPF function with PA+++.

Let's me guide you to understand what are SPF, UV rays and PA...

What is SPF?
Sun Protection Factor (shortcut: SPF) is the rate of protection againts UVB. It tells you how long you can stay in the sun without getting sun burned based on skin complexion.

However, there are also other factors which affects the amount of the sun exposure a person receives such as weather conditions, time of the day, geographic location and activities.

Example: Wiping sweat from skin or towels drying will remove some sunblocks away while UV rays are stronger at high grounds or places with less clouds.

What is PA?
Protection Grade (Shortcut: PA) is the measure of defense against UVA, with the highest rating being +++. More '+'s means more protection will be.

What are UV Rays?
Ultra Violet (shortcut: UV) rays are invisible radiation from then sun that causes skin damage. UV rays may pass through light colored clothing, penetrate through glass window and also reflect off them and even when you think you are safe indoors you still gets UV rays attacking.

Extra information, shades only gives up to 50% ambient UV protection from holding an umbrella.

Protect your beauty from the sun Everyday!

Made of orange, grapefruits & lemon extract 
except Biore Perfect Face Milk & Biore Perfect Milk

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Whitening Cream

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly

Biore UV Aqua Rich Perfect Face Milk

Biore UV Aqua Rich Perfect Milk

I already edit the important details of every products so you can identify which Biore UV Aqua Rich is your love. Anyway, it's also suitable for sensitive skin but in case you still worry about it, please consult your doctor. (∩_∩)

As you can see the texture of these series.... why Biore so understand what we want?!?! Salute for Biore by Kao company. lol

I start by using Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essense that contains SPF 50+ with PA+++.
I love this product so so much and I think I won't change other sunscreen for now. 

Cool gel texture makes me feel fresh whenever I apply on my face especially in the early morning.

Quick absorb, light texture and high protection.
Try it at least once before you regret for lifetime. lol

Now, I can have a full protection from UV Rays whenever where I am.
Another pros from this products is they are selling in a very responsible prices that can archive the effects like other branded sunscreen. 

For more information and giveaway sample, please visit:


  1. Darling, for your information~ our country are not summer season, it's called tropical :))

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