Monday, October 15, 2012

Noobie Driver

Oh well, today I suppose back to home earlier but due of some problem happens so I just arrive back to my home.

Oh ya.... Hi and welcome to my blog!!

This post will be an expressions blog. I just want to share out how actually how fail am I!?!?

This case just happened few hours ago when was I was been  fetched back to college to picked up my car back to my home after having great brunch and some shooting activities with my colleges. When I am standing in front of my car, I clicked alarm car and what .... my car did not responded me!! I just like #wtf

I keep on pressing for many times but its still the same so I called my mum told her what was happening. After few hours later, my mummy and brother with my pet came to school to fix my car. I just saw my brother took out some wires connect with his car and start his car then my car works at the last. Thanks god!!! Btw, thanks brother for coming to fix my car although he is busying with his business there. *touching


Okay!! After that time, I found that I am definitely a noobie driver. I just know how to start engine and drive on the road!! That's all!!! Damn!!!


From now start on, I should know more about the car knowledge not only just start on and off and drive on the road. This case will be repeated again if I still in the same of car acknowledgement.


Hooray!!! I got my big bang concert tickets here. Thanks #sir for the ticket. I am too excited to see them on next Saturday. *excited.jpg

I still on dliemma choosing the right outfit for the day and HAPPY BIGBANG, WELCOME T MALAYSIA. >.<

Handsome, my little fat doggie had his new style here. He looks rounder and fatter with this look but he is so cute and adorable enough.


My eye is greeting heavier now so  want take a quick nap so I have energy to complete my assignmnents and tasks in this night. I end my post. Great frm Chency. :D

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