Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Ola guys!!
What a superior relaxing lazy Sunday!!

I just wake up and had my breakfast or I should consider as my Brunch? But my parents is on the way delivering lunch back for me. My stomach is too full to afford next meal now. #lol

I still hope I was on yesterday night because BigBang Galaxy Alive Tour 2012 is super super awesome although it's was raining and all VIPs in a wet body with raincoat watching them. 

There was tons of photo pictures I taken yesterday for the show and 

I end up snap them with limited zoom area!!! #fml 


This will be one of my regret list in my life!! 

If I have chance to attend 2NE1 concert for this coming up 8th Dec 2012 at Stadium Malawati, I will never repeat this mistake again for sure!!! NEVER!!

So lovely Blackjacks.... purchase the ticket to watch them live or else you will regret in your life. 
I love 2NE1 but I still in wondering because the date is a bit crush with my due date assignments. If you're colleagues, you will understand the important time of submission ass-signment when its come to the final.  

I try my best to arrange my time so I can attend for 2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour. I try not to be the "last-minute" student. Aha!! Just realize that 2NE1 quite important in my life. lol

By the way, I will try to post out BigBang show as soon as possible because I don't have time to arrange and edit my photo pictures. 

AND There's some epic video that I had recorded although shaky =.= 

Tips to makes you keep reading my blog: "I have record the moment we sing BIRTHDAY SONG for TOP!! WUHOO!! "

And we had saw TOP's arm although just only 1/3 like that because TOP never show his body to public. He always wear long selves no matter what event he attended and he is the only one still wearing super thick long selves coat singing on that night (Malaysia is super hot!!) while the others already take it off. I believe he already beh tahan so he end up pulls his clothes upward abit. lol


My friend's friend spot them stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. 

Because they are study interior and they using Double Tree by Hilton Hotel as their subject so they noticed it!! 

Guess what!! They using this excuses enter in!! Damn!! #lol

They saw YG (co-founder) and GDragon was swimming while Daesung, Teayang and Seungri were exercising at Gym Room. 
Then, where was TOP at the moment?
Hmmm.... A question that still makes me keep in mind.

By the way, just take this as rumor!! RUMOR!! lol

Okay... Just in sudden, my boyfie comes to find me and date me to his dreamland. The very right time plus with heavy raining right now. Gotcha continue my journey of my dreamland so I have more inspiration and energy for my sketches tonight. Lololololol.... 

kthxbye. #signoff

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