Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fuchia Pink is Love❤

Ola Preciosa ♥♥♥

I am abit excited for next week because Big Bang concert is near!!! Omo omo!!
I need to rush all my assignments for this two days so I can....... I can.... I can WHAT? I don't know.... but I just need to rush all my ass-sigments. Lol

Sorry for blur picture but I really this poses so much. No ps only filter. 
Fuchia Pink is Love❤ Love❤ Love❤

I always want to have a very vibrant attractive hair color but I am so lazy go to saloon retouch my root because vibrant hair mostly needs to bleach before archives the look. Sumore my hair seriously grow up fastly so I can see my black hair within two weeks. #fml

This few year.... I think.... A genius creates ombre/dip-dye look and become a top one favorite trends nowadays.
Ombre/dip-dye hair really beautiful and no need to retouch again and again so we don't need to worry about pudding hair anymore (uneven hair color).

And taadaa.... I archived this look!! *wipemytear #wtf
But I can tell you bottom of my hair is seriously damage. Nvm, just cut it off!! lol

By the way, if you're interested to have temporary ombre hair, (post here).

Fuchia Pink is Love❤

I haven't end yet with my hair. I am going to highlight my hair and have eyelash extensions (both are sponsored).

Tomorrow is Monday 'Blue'
Oh come on, 'Why So Serious?'

-sign off-

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