Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Bang Concert

Annyeong Yeoleobun♥♥♥

So VIPs are you ready for BIGBANG Alive Tour?  o(≧v≦)o

First time trying Korean Eye Makeup. No fakelashes, No fake parallel eyelid. But me quite like this eye make and I think my eye looks quite fierce in here.

I am wearing DC Limited Edition SuperTee but can you spot any different with the casual DC SuperTee. Seriously!! I can't find the different and the price of this piece really shock you if you have notice any limited edition tee selling in DC store.
PS: I am not the human waste such money to bought this tee. This is a b'day gift.

Super duper excited to watch them live although maybe I just watch them on a very big screen later... Lol
But nvm... I still can hear their voice lively... #flyingtoheaven


I am not sure izzit the theme of the concert is wearing blue shirt or not?!?! but I still wearing it in case this is real...

Check check 1...2...3... #checklist before I leave my house...
▦ IC/Passport
▦ Rubberband & Comb 
▦ Raincoat
▦ Any medicine
▦ Handphone
▦ Pocket money
▦ Water+ food (while waiting)
▦ Camera
▦ Cap

Okay!! Checklist done!! 
I am ready to leave my house now... btw, I hang out with my dear first before heading to the concert. 

Bye guys... #signoff

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