Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Necklace of My Name

Aha!! Hi guys!!
I just get my lovely necklace here that gift by @Yukie, @Louis and @Joeann. It’s a necklace of name? Or name necklace will be easily to understand? The important is the name that really credit to me. No one will suitable on it anymore. This is the point I want myself a name necklace so badly. By the way, thanks them for this awesome gift.

This is the draft before when I deal my name design with the designer. Actually the actual design was not this but its changed after some discussion between me and the designer so this is the final look. Simple and has a star at the end. :D 

Its looks adorable when it’s come with fuchsia + hot pink accessories box. By the way, this box is small not that big like the picture does. You know, a camera has a function call zoom plus angel problem. Lol

I think this box match with my name necklace very well. They look too lovely here. Muahahahahaha XD

This is the end products “final looks”. It’s look exactly with the draft. I just can give five star rate for the designer~ ★★★★★

The close up photo picture to my name necklace. :D

Again thanks to my bitches for the gift. *muacks
End my post now, tieter!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~