Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sap sap Shabu @ Suki-Ya

Hello, omnivorous human~

Before that a picture of me first~ Sorry for my extreme self-love~ XD 

Today post will make your saliva come out from your mouth~ LoL Btw, it’s a post food again. If you a meat and Flammulina (金针菇) lover~ You will definitely love it!! I love mushrooms!!! I eat every types of mushrooms except poison de~ Lol Especially Flammulina!! I bet everyone love this!! I can eat this like eating a big bowl of noodle!! So yummy!!

By the way, omnivorous human~ Let’s start!! Lololol

Dating with my besties bitch ever~ I just realize that we know each for about 6 or 7 years~ Time just like a flash light!! Hoihoi!!
Did you see the meets at the table? ( o ) Meat meat meat meat!!

We do eat beef but not likey and we are lamb lover, therefore we become the most lame friends~ Lol

Chicken, lamb, chicken, lamb??!? Of coz LAMB!! *You may choose beef too.

A pot that full of mushrooms!! (¯﹃¯)I love mushrooms~ Every types of mushrooms!! Of coz no poison mushroom for me!! LoL

Aww !!! Flammulina flammulina!! The best mushroom ever in this world!!!

Heheheehe… Paishe… Full of flammulina at the end…

On sap(ing) meat~ 肉肉滚一滚,神仙站不稳

Some kuso face here… This bitch is hard to date!! Her college is abit too far from mine so we are hard to hang out together.

Haiya… This bitch no needs to introduce de la… Always hangs out with me de…. An annoying bitch lol XD

End this post with faking good poss. Are you flammulina lover? If yes, let’s go eat till stomach gonna boom next time~ Lol
Sign off.