Thursday, August 23, 2012

Progressing on Digital Portfolio

After busy played and worked for several days, is the time for my digital portfolio.
Hand or Digital drawing are not the main problem for me but IDEA is the one!!! By the way, here are some of my progressions. 

The #mainpage. I still sketching navbars and logo. I lack of idea now!!! I need a quick rest afterward!!

If you blur of why only face? Please refer back to my first artwork at top there. You will realize that the girl without any expression has a face mask besides.
When I drew this artwork, I have a lot of fun with this. I felt like playing makeup around just like I am make-up-ing to someone. 

The #about page. I realize that content is the most harder for me. I hate thinking a lot to write on it.

Some of my sketches. I had never complete my sketching because will be transfer to be done in digital form. 

The vector line is the most difficult part for me. I admit that I’m damn poor with pattern design. I refer tons of references. 

The badge design which is my favourite badge designs so far. I woke up in the middle when zzz… which this suddenly pop out from my dream.

This is my first idea but I change this because I could see shadow of unoriginality in here. I am not copying but I feel that I saw this before so I banned this!!

Still have a lot to go with!! I actually excited after finish my digital portfolio and starts transfer to adobe flash and to blogspot with a lot of xhtml, css , and javascript. Stay tuned! Byebye~

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